Galapagos Shark 95

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Galapagos sharks seen off the North Shore of Oahu.

Although it is legal to bait sharks to kill them. Misguided people are attempting to ban offshore shark encounters. These sharks are pelagic animals and do not hunt in shallow water or on reefs.

They are already dangerous predators. Few humans spend time in their open ocean habitat.

It always amazes me that people can legally slaughter marine life wholesale, but when businesses arise to allow people to see these animals alive and in their element opposition always arises.

I would suggest these people lobby to end longlining, shark fishing, and overfishing.

My concern is that these people are acting out of fear and ignorance. There is no research or evidence that suggests these encounters have been detrimental to sharks or humans. Keep in mind that this occurs over three miles offshore in open water. These sharks are already habituated to the area because of the bait used and discarded by crab fisherman for decades.

The operators are only taking advantage of an unusual situation where these types of sharks can be reliably encountered. The operations are extremely conservative and safety oriented. The cages are built to overkill specifications.

What I like about the operation (and hate as a photographer), is that it is totally geared to the average tourist. You don't need to be a diver. This makes this an unique opportunity for the average person to see pelagic sharks in the wild. This is a rare chance for some good public relations for animals that are much maligned and in severe need of protection.

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  1. ScottS101 44 months ago | reply

    Thank you gentleman!

  2. fisherman8572 43 months ago | reply

    Great looking picture thank you for sharing.

  3. 35NW3 32 months ago | reply

    superb image

  4. Fresh Light 30 months ago | reply

    nice paradise shot...

  5. Persefoni! 28 months ago | reply

    how dangerous are galapagos sharks for humans?

  6. ScottS101 28 months ago | reply

    They are regarded as quite dangerous. They are open ocean sharks, so humans and Galapagos Sharks rarely intersect. However, if you were adrift in the open ocean, these sharks would be a real danger. They have attacked many shipwreck victims.

    That said, if you are healthy and alert (like the free diver in the photo) they are unlikely to see you as prey. Sharks want an easy meal, not a fight. Many divers encounter these sharks without incident. It's all about the circumstances of the encounter.

  7. Massimo De Dominicis 27 months ago | reply

    Grazie! Ho visto la tua foto nel gruppo/Thanks! I saw your picture in the group PHOTOGRAPHY IS LIFE

  8. René_v 27 months ago | reply


  9. Todd Wynia 25 months ago | reply

    Awesome. Love the color and a great comp. Really well done.

  10. ♥ Peg ♥Have a great day♥ 16 months ago | reply

    Simply beautiful image, congrats !
    I wish you a nice Sunday

  11. ScottS101 16 months ago | reply

    Thank you Pegasus! I hope your day was wonderful!

  12. ~*Ms. Spiller*~ 13 months ago | reply

    A beautiful photo, congratulations on the excellent work.

  13. MyRidgebacks - Sharon C Johnson 11 months ago | reply


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  15. zenman3 11 months ago | reply

    Superb shark image. It shows off the grace and beauty of as you say this much maligned creature exquisitely.
    It really burns me that there is such a demand for "Shark Fin Soup" A totally unnecessary food item, a detrimental waste of the top of the underwater food chain and a barbaric practice.
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