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Disney's Human Element - "Discovery Island" | by Scott Smith (SRisonS)
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Disney's Human Element - "Discovery Island"

… “Tom, have you got on the track of that money again?”

“Huck, it’s in the cave!”

Huck’s eyes blazed.

“Say it again, Tom!”

“The money’s in the cave!”

“Tom,-- honest injun, now—is it fun, or earnest?”

“Earnest, Huck – just as earnest as ever I was in my life…….

- The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain


Nestled away from the main hustle-and-bustle of Frontierland is Tom Sawyer's Island. Here, guests of all ages can experience what it was like to join in the exploits of Tom Sawyer and his pal, Huckleberry Finn. Whether exploring caves and hideouts, or just holding down the Fort; kids from 8 to 80 will have a good ol' time discovering all this island has to offer.


This is also the ultimate hideout area for kids... So, a possible heart attack spot for parents. ;)


Tom Sawyer's Island


Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World, FL



(And for the sake of this ongoing story....)


[Part 3]


“Fancy meeting you out and about, brother,” said Jack.


“Oh, hey Jack,” remarked Franz.


Jack began questioning Franz. “Where are you headed off to?”




“Well!?!?! Out with it.”


“I saw something in the distance. So I’m going to go check it out.”


“By yourself, are ye?”


“Well… yes I am. Pa thinks it’s crazy; and says I shou…”


“Should stay here and not wander off to Lord knows where???? Well Pa’s right. Just stay home. You’re just a young’n, you are.”


“Nobody ever thinks I can do things on my own. I’ll show ya alright.”


“Geez Franz, you are so darn stubborn. But if you insist on going, at least let me show you the best route; or at least the places to avoid.”


Franz was terribly grateful for his brother’s assistance. With this new set of useful information, he felt confident that he would finally be able to find this mysterious land; or at least not be gnarled by a bear in doing so.




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Taken on January 22, 2011