S.S. Independence
The S.S. Independence, with its distinct Hawaiian lei-themed funnels, sits unused in the dry docks at Pier 70 since being moved there in 2004. It is visible to passing motorists entering and leaving downtown San Francisco from highways 280 and 101, making it a familiar site and a source of curiosity.

The steamship was completed in 1951 at Bethlehem Steel Corporation in Quincy, Massachusetts at a cost of $50 million, and has a rich history of sailing passengers between New York and Europe, Portugal and Africa, and later inter-island service in Hawaii. In 1981, it ran aground off the coast of Kauai, suffering severe damage. While it was later repaired, the ship became a casualty of decreased bookings following the September 11 attacks that ultimately forced the tour company to file for bankruptcy.

More photos of the ship, active shipyard and abandoned buildings left behind from Bethlehem Steel are available on my web site.