2011 Road Trip to New England
While in between bands, I figured this is my chance! I've been dreaming of a long road trip, being able to drive wherever I want, work wherever I end up, live out of my car to save money, and use hostels and couchsurfing.org to meet people. I tried it for a brief ten days a couple years ago, see: scott-teresi.blogspot.com/2009/08/chillicothe-and-athens-...

I decided to go to Boston since it'd be a cool place to live, and I want to experience some history older than Ohio's. (My family camped there when I was 11 but I can't remember the city). Vermont would also be awesome for driving around in the fall. Using a well-worn list of things to bring on trips, I organized everything in my car, including a warm sleeping bag, wool socks and long johns, two weeks of clothes, and even my juggling clubs, and I finally got on the road early yesterday evening. (See photos for more of the story.)
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