Venice, April 2015
We're having a lovely time in Venice.

After getting to the train station we got the "wrong" vaporetto to San Marco (right boat, wrong direction), and went the lagoon way around. We bumped into my friend, Janys, on the boat! We are meeting up properly on Friday, but she told us a place to go to dinner. We went up and down the Grand Canal, found a small cafe filled with locals and had nice toasted sandwiches and walked back streets away from the tourists. The dinner suggestion was great and we had a lovely meal.

Our hotel is a few minutes walk from San Marco and v nice.

Yesterday morning I got up pre-dawn to go get photos. I went over to where Hotel Capraini is (where George Clooney stayed to get married) and I met up with Tyson the pro photographer who had taken my shot in that Amadeus book. We have a quick Coffee but it was lovely to see him. He works with the hotel and take Clooney's picture when he visits!

Sarah and I then queued to go up the campanile on St Marks and then went to the Jewish ghetto and the area around there. We ate lunch in a great locals cafe (we were only non-Italians there)

We then went back over to the island where I'd bern in the morning to have a pizza dinner in a small restaurant I'd scouted out in the morning.

As you can see we are having a lovely time.

Today we are going to go to Rialto market for breakfast and visit murano later.
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