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    1. calicojane 114 months ago | reply

      Oh, blast it, not again. I always lose.

      Is that a bridge at the very top middle? I'm going to root around in your photos and try and find out...

    2. Scoobymoo 114 months ago | reply

      Actually that was probably me admitting defeat! Funny thing was that there was no trace of any other chess pieces/board. I think it must have been 'removed' from somewhere else, or perhaps it walked by itself and just fell over when it saw us coming along.

      Doubt if there's a bridge there. This is a walk we always take along the lake shore and we've just walked around from the left (ie the far shore you can see). I'll go and mark this spot on the other photo here.

    3. Ms. Moll 114 months ago | reply

      How strange, and lonely.

    4. Scoobymoo 114 months ago | reply

      It was a bit odd. Didn't seem so lonely because there were lots of people around - but no other chess pieces to mate with. Sorry!

    5. Scoobymoo 114 months ago | reply

      J Rad: it must have been at least 50 cms high, possibly more. I expect the rest of the set was in some public park in the village and this one had been 'liberated'.

    6. Scoobymoo 114 months ago | reply

      :) Do you mean he hit Spassky over the head with it and dumped the body in the lake?

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