My iPhone 4 home screen

I have dozens of apps all arranged into groups. I've added even more apps after taking this photo. You can find my latest here:


Here's my groupings:


1. Social

- Buzz (Web). Google Buzz, I love that social network.

- Twitter. The official Twitter app. I find I use this more than others. Originally Tweetie.

- Facebook. The official Facebook app.

- LinkedIn. The official LinkedIn app.

- Scobleizer. Did you know I have an app? Mobile Roadie created this for me and it's great.

- Gist. Great for tracking your favorite contacts.

- HootSuiteLite. Aimed at corporate Twitterers. Still trying to fit this one into my usage.

- Summizer. A Twitter search app. I don't use it much since those features are built into other apps.

- Twitterrific. I mostly got this for the iPad since most of the Twitter apps haven't been ported to the iPad yet.

- Buzzie. An app for reading Google Buzz. I find I just usually use the Web page above, though.

- Seesmic. Lets you post to a bunch of different social networks. That's why I keep using it.

- TweetDeck. I used to use this more before Tweetie, er, Twitter came out with an official app.

2. Utilities

- Settings (Apple)

- Compass (Apple)

- Calculator (Apple)

- Clock (Apple)

- Google Voice (Web, but very well done)

- LogMeIn, lets me log into my home computers and control them, I mostly use this on my iPad.

- textPlus, I don't use this much, gotta play with it.

- Weather (Apple)

- Flashlight, turns your iPhone 4's flash into a flashlight.

- appsfire, syncs my apps and lets my friends compare which ones I have with which ones they have.

3. News

- NPR News


- SkyGrid, great aggregator of news. Use it a lot to read mainstream news.

- NYTimes

- Huff Post

- BBC News


- Memeorandum (Web)

- Google News (Web)

- Digg

- Techmeme (Web)

- Hacker News (Web)

4. Travel

- TripIt, my most-used travel app, tracks my flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. Very useful.

- WorldMate, playing with this to see how it compares to TripIt.

- Layar, augmented reality app for finding stuff in strange places.

- TripAdvisor, we love their community and found where to stay on vacation with this.

- Kayak Pro, my favorite way to buy flights.

- TripTik (AAA). Playing with this, but Google Maps seems to be how we got around on our road trip.

- TripTracker, another competitor to TripIt.

- Expedia, buy travel stuff, airlines, hotels, etc.

- TripDeck

- GateGuru

- Roadside (AAA)

- FlightTrack

5. Maps

- Maps (Apple)

- waze, I use this to show other drivers what's going on on the road. Cops, accidents, etc.

- Trapster, see where the cops are hanging out.

- Goby, find stuff to do near you.

- AroundMe, find stuff near you, like restaurants, hospitals, gas stations, etc.

- Google Earth

- UpNext, cool 3D maps of some cities.

- Find iPhone (Apple, find your iPhone if you use MobileMe, useful if you lose your iPhone or it gets stolen)

- ifFoundPlus (message to people who find your iPhone)

- junaio (Augmented reality app, cool, but still trying to figure out how it fits in my life)

6. Food

- Foodspotting (see pictures of food near you, great way to find new restaurants).

- fiddme (I love sharing great food on this with other foodies)

- Yelp (the standard way we find businesses near us)

- OpenTable (make a reservation at a better restaurant near you).

- Epicurious (recipes for making your own food)

- In-N-Out (in California, find an In-N-Out near you).

- Urbanspoon (shake your phone, get an idea for a restaurant).

7. Location

- foursquare (serendipity around location, find friends near you, and find better experiences via tips near you).

- Gowalla, share your favorite things about your favorite places.

- Whrrl, make a story about where you are.

- Glympse, running late to meet someone? Send them a Glympse so they can see where you are.

- Loopt, offers from brands near you.

- DeHood, I'm still trying to figure this out out.

- MyTown, a location-based game. I'm not into it, but millions are.

- Latitude (Web). Google Latitude lets you share your location with your friends.

- ArcGIS, get tons of info about the location you're at.

8. Shopping


- eBay

- Best Buy

- Square, take credit cards from your friends so you can sell them stuff.

- RedLaser, aim your camera at a bar code and this will show you stuff about that product, like where to buy it cheaper.

- Groupon, a deal a day.

- Gift Card Exchange, make those gift cards you get more useful.

- StupHub, find concert tickets.

- CardStar, I use this for those loyalty programs. Like Toys-R-Us has.

- PayPal, pay for stuff online.

- (price comparison).

- Apple store (find stuff about apple stores near you).

9. Photo/Video

- Best Camera, nice app for processing photos a bit before you upload them. Done by pro photog Chase Jarvis.

- Photos (Apple's standard app)

- Camera (Apple's standard app)

-, lets me watch live streams from

- iMovie, lets me edit my videos. From Apple.

- Viewer (Ustream), lets me watch live streams from

- YouTube (Apple standard app)

- Pano, lets me stitch together photos to make panaoramic photos.

- PhotoCard, lets me create cards from my photos.

- Light Table 2, I haven't used this much, mostly for my iPad for letting me drag around photos

- YouTube (Web, better than Apple's app)

- Autostitch, better than Pano for doing panoramic photos.

  • Mike Wood 5y

    in the thumbnail I thought this was a screen shot of some sort of Rubic's cube solving sequence :)
  • Apostolos 5y

    I've got pretty much the same grouping/categorizing except some apps like Dropbox, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr and 2-3 others which are in the first screen. I used to have 7 home screens but now I have just 2, like you. Works well.
  • Robert Scoble 5y

    Actually, I fit everything into one home screen. I love it that way.
  • Sharad Patel 5y

    wow. that's a huge collection of apps.
  • freemans xo 5y

    Thanks for posting the complete list! All my apps now fit on 2 screens. So much easier. Can't believe it took Apple this long to integrate folders.
  • Robert Scoble 5y

    The rest of the descriptions:

    10. Search
    - Aardvark, ask questions and it finds you the answers.
    - Bing, Microsoft's alternative to Google.
    - Google, the original and best.
    - Siri, great app that lets you talk to your iPhone and get services.
    - Wolfram, for science, chemistry, and other geeks.
    - Stocks (Apple's app)
    11. Schedule
    - Plancast, find an event and share it with your friends.
    - Calendar (Apple's standard app)
    - Tungle, I use this to help me schedule my calendar with other people.
    12. Music
    - iPod (Apple's standard app)
    - NPR Music
    - iTunes (Apple's standard app)
    - Shazam, lets you record music you hear in a store or on the radio and find out details about it.
    - Pandora, I listen to this a lot for different styles of music.
    - Remote, controls your iTunes music library from your phone.
    - SoundHound, better than Shazam for finding music.
    13. Media
    - Kindle
    - iBooks
    - Skype
    - Zinio, magazines online.
    - IMDb, get movie info.
    - WordPress, control your wordpress blog.
    - Instapaper, read longer items offline.
    -, like a walkie talking with your friends.
    - Cinch, post audio recordings online (this is what I use to do audio interviews)
    - GoodReader, an RSS reader (I don't do RSS much anymore thanks to Twitter)
    - Pulse News, another RSS reader, nice, but I don't use RSS much anymore.
    14. Collaboration
    - Dropbox, share files and back them up.
    - Scan Biz Cards Lite, scan business cards and get them into contacts with the camera.
    - iDisk, Apple's app, I don't use it much.
    - Notes (Apple's standard app)
    - Voice Memos (Apple's standard app)
    - Contacts (Apple's standard app)
    - RTM, remember the milk, good task list, although I don't use it much
    - Messages (Apple's standard app)
    - Evernote, great app for remembering things.
    15. Entertainment
    - Hulu Plus
    - Tap Tap
    - iDygest
    - GWars:Touch, Geometry Wars. My favorite game, I mostly play on iPad.
    - Faces iMake, make faces out of vegetables.
    - Mad Math, educational game for kids.
    - CatInTheHat, book for kids.
    - HistoricPlace, info about historical places in US. Good for road trips.
    - Democrats, government app so I can interact with the Democratic party.
    - DoodleJump. Game.
    - Fandango. Get movie tickets.
    - Gun Range. One of only games that uses the gyroscope in iPhone 4.
    - Spawn Glow. Game.
    - N.O.V.A. Game.
    16. Disneyland
    - Wait Times
    - Disney Plan
    - Mouse AddictLite
    - Secrets
    - MouseWait
  • Liz Wiltsie 5y

    I have a similar setup, I love that I just have one screen now. Although Maps, Contacts, and Safari still get their own space. I'm sure that will eventually change.
  • Robert Scoble 5y

    I just added a bunch of new apps. My latest are at
  • Robert Clarke 5y

    very neat :)
  • Brett Morrison 5y

    Thanks for taking the time to post what apps you are using. Much appreciated.
  • Dan Dawson 5y

    Thanks for sharing, I added a few new ones from your list and took a second look at some of the older ones. I'm always torn between certain apps that do similar things:

    When I see a cop do I want to add it to Trapster or Waze? I love Waze and am glad to see them continuing to grow!

    When I arrive at a location, do I check in with FourSquare (through Waze?) or Gowalla?
  • Robert Scoble 5y

    Dan: I check in with both. :-)

    And, yes, I do tell everyone when I see a cop on Trapster (usually) and Waze (sometimes).
  • Martha Sperry 5y

    I'm slightly surprised you don't have Bump. Or did I miss it in the crowd?
  • Apostolos 5y

    Agree on that.
  • Robert Scoble 5y

    StarToe: I have Bump now.
  • Hobbes R 5y

    thx for sharing! great briefing!
  • Lisa Bettany 4y

    Camera+ for Photos: #Ahem!
  • Michael Alf 2y

    I am going to use this for a magazine and will attribute to you. Michael
  • Mr Damian 9mo

    Hello, great shot! I have used the photo for non-commercial purposes in a powerpoint and video presentation project for an Educational Technology class. Thank you for sharing this image!
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