My iPhone 4 home screen

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    I have dozens of apps all arranged into groups. I've added even more apps after taking this photo. You can find my latest here:

    Here's my groupings:

    1. Social
    - Buzz (Web). Google Buzz, I love that social network.
    - Twitter. The official Twitter app. I find I use this more than others. Originally Tweetie.
    - Facebook. The official Facebook app.
    - LinkedIn. The official LinkedIn app.
    - Scobleizer. Did you know I have an app? Mobile Roadie created this for me and it's great.
    - Gist. Great for tracking your favorite contacts.
    - HootSuiteLite. Aimed at corporate Twitterers. Still trying to fit this one into my usage.
    - Summizer. A Twitter search app. I don't use it much since those features are built into other apps.
    - Twitterrific. I mostly got this for the iPad since most of the Twitter apps haven't been ported to the iPad yet.
    - Buzzie. An app for reading Google Buzz. I find I just usually use the Web page above, though.
    - Seesmic. Lets you post to a bunch of different social networks. That's why I keep using it.
    - TweetDeck. I used to use this more before Tweetie, er, Twitter came out with an official app.
    2. Utilities
    - Settings (Apple)
    - Compass (Apple)
    - Calculator (Apple)
    - Clock (Apple)
    - Google Voice (Web, but very well done)
    - LogMeIn, lets me log into my home computers and control them, I mostly use this on my iPad.
    - textPlus, I don't use this much, gotta play with it.
    - Weather (Apple)
    - Flashlight, turns your iPhone 4's flash into a flashlight.
    - appsfire, syncs my apps and lets my friends compare which ones I have with which ones they have.
    3. News
    - NPR News
    - CNN
    - SkyGrid, great aggregator of news. Use it a lot to read mainstream news.
    - NYTimes
    - Huff Post
    - BBC News
    - TUAW
    - Memeorandum (Web)
    - Google News (Web)
    - Digg
    - Techmeme (Web)
    - Hacker News (Web)
    4. Travel
    - TripIt, my most-used travel app, tracks my flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. Very useful.
    - WorldMate, playing with this to see how it compares to TripIt.
    - Layar, augmented reality app for finding stuff in strange places.
    - TripAdvisor, we love their community and found where to stay on vacation with this.
    - Kayak Pro, my favorite way to buy flights.
    - TripTik (AAA). Playing with this, but Google Maps seems to be how we got around on our road trip.
    - TripTracker, another competitor to TripIt.
    - Expedia, buy travel stuff, airlines, hotels, etc.
    - TripDeck
    - GateGuru
    - Roadside (AAA)
    - FlightTrack
    5. Maps
    - Maps (Apple)
    - waze, I use this to show other drivers what's going on on the road. Cops, accidents, etc.
    - Trapster, see where the cops are hanging out.
    - Goby, find stuff to do near you.
    - AroundMe, find stuff near you, like restaurants, hospitals, gas stations, etc.
    - Google Earth
    - UpNext, cool 3D maps of some cities.
    - Find iPhone (Apple, find your iPhone if you use MobileMe, useful if you lose your iPhone or it gets stolen)
    - ifFoundPlus (message to people who find your iPhone)
    - junaio (Augmented reality app, cool, but still trying to figure out how it fits in my life)
    6. Food
    - Foodspotting (see pictures of food near you, great way to find new restaurants).
    - fiddme (I love sharing great food on this with other foodies)
    - Yelp (the standard way we find businesses near us)
    - OpenTable (make a reservation at a better restaurant near you).
    - Epicurious (recipes for making your own food)
    - In-N-Out (in California, find an In-N-Out near you).
    - Urbanspoon (shake your phone, get an idea for a restaurant).
    7. Location
    - foursquare (serendipity around location, find friends near you, and find better experiences via tips near you).
    - Gowalla, share your favorite things about your favorite places.
    - Whrrl, make a story about where you are.
    - Glympse, running late to meet someone? Send them a Glympse so they can see where you are.
    - Loopt, offers from brands near you.
    - DeHood, I'm still trying to figure this out out.
    - MyTown, a location-based game. I'm not into it, but millions are.
    - Latitude (Web). Google Latitude lets you share your location with your friends.
    - ArcGIS, get tons of info about the location you're at.
    8. Shopping
    - eBay
    - Best Buy
    - Square, take credit cards from your friends so you can sell them stuff.
    - RedLaser, aim your camera at a bar code and this will show you stuff about that product, like where to buy it cheaper.
    - Groupon, a deal a day.
    - Gift Card Exchange, make those gift cards you get more useful.
    - StupHub, find concert tickets.
    - CardStar, I use this for those loyalty programs. Like Toys-R-Us has.
    - PayPal, pay for stuff online.
    - (price comparison).
    - Apple store (find stuff about apple stores near you).
    9. Photo/Video
    - Best Camera, nice app for processing photos a bit before you upload them. Done by pro photog Chase Jarvis.
    - Photos (Apple's standard app)
    - Camera (Apple's standard app)
    -, lets me watch live streams from
    - iMovie, lets me edit my videos. From Apple.
    - Viewer (Ustream), lets me watch live streams from
    - YouTube (Apple standard app)
    - Pano, lets me stitch together photos to make panaoramic photos.
    - PhotoCard, lets me create cards from my photos.
    - Light Table 2, I haven't used this much, mostly for my iPad for letting me drag around photos
    - YouTube (Web, better than Apple's app)
    - Autostitch, better than Pano for doing panoramic photos.

    1. Mike Wood Photography 57 months ago | reply

      in the thumbnail I thought this was a screen shot of some sort of Rubic's cube solving sequence :)

    2. apasp 57 months ago | reply

      I've got pretty much the same grouping/categorizing except some apps like Dropbox, Twitter, Foursquare, Flickr and 2-3 others which are in the first screen. I used to have 7 home screens but now I have just 2, like you. Works well.

    3. Robert Scoble 57 months ago | reply

      Actually, I fit everything into one home screen. I love it that way.

    4. Sharad2020 57 months ago | reply

      wow. that's a huge collection of apps.

    5. freemans xo 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks for posting the complete list! All my apps now fit on 2 screens. So much easier. Can't believe it took Apple this long to integrate folders.

    6. Robert Scoble 57 months ago | reply

      The rest of the descriptions:

      10. Search
      - Aardvark, ask questions and it finds you the answers.
      - Bing, Microsoft's alternative to Google.
      - Google, the original and best.
      - Siri, great app that lets you talk to your iPhone and get services.
      - Wolfram, for science, chemistry, and other geeks.
      - Stocks (Apple's app)
      11. Schedule
      - Plancast, find an event and share it with your friends.
      - Calendar (Apple's standard app)
      - Tungle, I use this to help me schedule my calendar with other people.
      12. Music
      - iPod (Apple's standard app)
      - NPR Music
      - iTunes (Apple's standard app)
      - Shazam, lets you record music you hear in a store or on the radio and find out details about it.
      - Pandora, I listen to this a lot for different styles of music.
      - Remote, controls your iTunes music library from your phone.
      - SoundHound, better than Shazam for finding music.
      13. Media
      - Kindle
      - iBooks
      - Skype
      - Zinio, magazines online.
      - IMDb, get movie info.
      - WordPress, control your wordpress blog.
      - Instapaper, read longer items offline.
      -, like a walkie talking with your friends.
      - Cinch, post audio recordings online (this is what I use to do audio interviews)
      - GoodReader, an RSS reader (I don't do RSS much anymore thanks to Twitter)
      - Pulse News, another RSS reader, nice, but I don't use RSS much anymore.
      14. Collaboration
      - Dropbox, share files and back them up.
      - Scan Biz Cards Lite, scan business cards and get them into contacts with the camera.
      - iDisk, Apple's app, I don't use it much.
      - Notes (Apple's standard app)
      - Voice Memos (Apple's standard app)
      - Contacts (Apple's standard app)
      - RTM, remember the milk, good task list, although I don't use it much
      - Messages (Apple's standard app)
      - Evernote, great app for remembering things.
      15. Entertainment
      - Hulu Plus
      - Tap Tap
      - iDygest
      - GWars:Touch, Geometry Wars. My favorite game, I mostly play on iPad.
      - Faces iMake, make faces out of vegetables.
      - Mad Math, educational game for kids.
      - CatInTheHat, book for kids.
      - HistoricPlace, info about historical places in US. Good for road trips.
      - Democrats, government app so I can interact with the Democratic party.
      - DoodleJump. Game.
      - Fandango. Get movie tickets.
      - Gun Range. One of only games that uses the gyroscope in iPhone 4.
      - Spawn Glow. Game.
      - N.O.V.A. Game.
      16. Disneyland
      - Wait Times
      - Disney Plan
      - Mouse AddictLite
      - Secrets
      - MouseWait

    7. wiltsie 57 months ago | reply

      I have a similar setup, I love that I just have one screen now. Although Maps, Contacts, and Safari still get their own space. I'm sure that will eventually change.

    8. Robert Scoble 57 months ago | reply

      I just added a bunch of new apps. My latest are at

    9. BrettMorrison 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks for taking the time to post what apps you are using. Much appreciated.

    10. DanDawson 57 months ago | reply

      Thanks for sharing, I added a few new ones from your list and took a second look at some of the older ones. I'm always torn between certain apps that do similar things:

      When I see a cop do I want to add it to Trapster or Waze? I love Waze and am glad to see them continuing to grow!

      When I arrive at a location, do I check in with FourSquare (through Waze?) or Gowalla?

    11. Robert Scoble 57 months ago | reply

      Dan: I check in with both. :-)

      And, yes, I do tell everyone when I see a cop on Trapster (usually) and Waze (sometimes).

    12. DanDawson 57 months ago | reply

      Yeah, you got me... I do check in with both whenever I have the time :-) I use Waze when driving around (and I know where I'm going) since their directions are not yet up to speed in my area... but munching bumps on the road and picking up soccer balls does make it more entertaining.

      As for FourSquare and Gowalla... both need to start using the power of the crowd to do their location updating. On FourSquare there are the nearly mythical "superusers" who can merge venues and correct mistakes, but instead they just send everyone to the GetSatisfaction forums and the changes never (or very slowly) get made. How hard would it be for them to let people propose changes... show the update on the venue and let people vote it up or down until it is accepted as valid. They'll catch on one of these days!

    13. StarToeStudio 57 months ago | reply

      I'm slightly surprised you don't have Bump. Or did I miss it in the crowd?

    14. apasp 57 months ago | reply

      Agree on that.

    15. Robert Scoble 57 months ago | reply

      StarToe: I have Bump now.

    16. hobbes313 51 months ago | reply

      thx for sharing! great briefing!

    17. alfixma 18 months ago | reply

      I am going to use this for a magazine and will attribute to you. Michael

    18. Shutterlag-dame 5 months ago | reply

      Hello, great shot! I have used the photo for non-commercial purposes in a powerpoint and video presentation project for an Educational Technology class. Thank you for sharing this image!

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