Seagate Wuxi China Factory Tour

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    Workers perform final testing and QA before sending drives off to customers on its 2.5-inch notebook lines.

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    1. MathieuLF ages ago | reply

      I dream or are only women ?

    2. jeremiah_owyang ages ago | reply

      Kudos to Seagate to showing behind the scenes. Given the attention to China's sweatshops, it's interesting to see how manufacturing plants are really run.

      I hope you're not putting any editorial spin and only showing the best --do show the worst too, just like every culture.

    3. Robert Scoble ages ago | reply

      Perceval: I had dinner with the guy who runs the factory tonight. He says that women pay attention better than men and that they are more honest about when they make mistakes (they'll report that they dropped a drive on the floor, for instance. He found that guys will just put the drive back on the line and won't let anyone know. So, he admits he's biased toward hiring women for the final stage (there are lots of male workers other places in the plant). Jeremiah: you'll see a holistic view in my photos and videos. I didn't see anything approaching sweatshop conditions.

    4. MathieuLF ages ago | reply

      Robert Scoble : Thanks ;]

    5. jessica_stillman 119 months ago | reply

      Thanks for making this image public. I used it to illustrate a blog post on manufacturing in China: Much appreciated.

    6. tonygil 116 months ago | reply

      dear robert,

      I loved some of your photos and, under the Creative Commons License, would like to use it on a short piece (non commercial) for a documentary that i am filming on the World Food Crisis.

      Is it OK? How would you like your name to appear?


    7. jackson120 115 months ago | reply

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    8. dtweney 75 months ago | reply

      Hey Scoble, great shot! Thanks for the CC license on your work, too. I've used your photo in a post I just put up on VentureBeat, fyi:

    9. ethicalbrand 64 months ago | reply

      Thanks. Used and credited this photo at

    10. HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS) 43 months ago | reply

      Hi Scoble, this is a great pix and thanks for making it available via CC. We here at the Institute for Emerging Market Studies have used it on our Thought Leadership Brief that discussed how China's privatisation reforms increased the employment gender gap there That's also why we find your previous comment about the factory owner's hiring bias especially interesting.

    11. preethi_may2010 32 months ago | reply

      Hello, thanks for the pic. I have used the pic my blog to illustrate an example to my students.

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