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Haus Stupp

Haus Stupp, Köln, 1977

Heinz Bienefeld, architect


Back to architecture!!


Heinz Bienefeld didn't get half the attention he should have received while he was alive, as he did some pretty incredible work. Often very simple on the exterior, he really pulled all the plugs within. He loved materials and really left almost nothing in his buildings to chance. Of course, in the process, he often brought craftsman and client to the brink of sanity, but those who built with him stayed loyal to him, often staying in contact with other clients who also 'survived' the building process.


Bienefeld originally worked in the office of Dominikus Böhm before he opened an office with Rolf Link and then going off on his own, also collaborating with Emil Steffan.


Here, in a housing area where only single-story buildings were allowed on very small plots of land, he built two stories by digging down. Within the brick walls is a u-shaped courtyard house with all the living spaces on street-level and the sleeping areas on the lower level. Above the garage is a small garden which is accessible from the kitchen.


The circular plaque next to the door is an architectural prize.

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Taken on January 28, 2012