Rasputin's Penis

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    On display for our education. Or something.


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    1. henrah ages ago | reply

      that is perfectly normal IMHO and you guys are silly for supposing otherwise

    2. Frank V ages ago | reply

      G'day Was it hard when measured? How does it stay hard :!

    3. Frank V ages ago | reply

      is there a relation between size and life?

    4. Crashtestcraig ages ago | reply

      what a rich 'piece' of russian history!!

    5. ragemanchoo 117 months ago | reply

      That's a sea cucumber. This was proven like 20 years ago.

    6. czar_obezyanka 116 months ago | reply

      Well Rageman if it was a seacucumber why does it have a head like a penis. There is another pic showing it from front on and it looks like a human penis. Complete with head and a hole where the urine and sperm come out.

    7. naubhahar786110 107 months ago | reply

      this is not erect, if erect it would be twice the size.

    8. rumoku 100 months ago | reply

      Ragemanchoo, that seacucumber hoax thing was in 1977. This particular picture is taken from an exhibit in St Petersburg (and yes, it's a real penis. They claim it's Raputin's but who knows?).

    9. xowlxowl 100 months ago | reply

      I assume (hope, for his sake) that it's bloated at the top end from taking on water and formaldehyde.

      And dreamgirl: Girlfriend? Singular? Rasputin was the most famous manipulator of women in his century. He used his political and religious position to talk or force every peasant girl he could into bed (or the carriage, or a convenient haystack, or the floor....) when he wasn't seducing noblemens' wives or sleeping with the Czarina.

    10. roycabin 87 months ago | reply

      O.K. so it's a penis and it surely isn't Rasputin's. Did someone willingly donate this????
      And Huge, would you donate yours? It should be on display.

    11. Kindnation 85 months ago | reply

      That's the Hedgehoginov's penis (Ron Jeremy's Russian cousin)

    12. mattpyan 83 months ago | reply

      Mandigos' was much much longer and bigger!!! wahahahaha,,...

    13. mattpyan 83 months ago | reply

      Ron Jeremy looks rather much more like an Indian crook, than those Russians.. mpov.. I think Ron Jeremy's ancestors was from INDIA....

    14. dedl 75 months ago | reply

      Some penises don't age very well, do they?

      That was a rhetorical question...

    15. Penis Donor 65 months ago | reply

      How a human penis is removed and preserved is as important as the size and quality of the specimen to begin with. Tom Mitchell is having his big penis and balls - "Elmo" cut off and plastinated to put on display in the penis museum.

    16. morph475 65 months ago | reply

      I believe that's a geoduck clam....that's a hoax...

    17. brucenguyen2 38 months ago | reply

      she looks like she wants that cock

    18. johna7870 6 months ago | reply

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