20090412 squirrel in the sun

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    i couldn't quite catch the moment. i had my door open, with the glass closed, so the sunlight hit my chair where i read. the squirrel was facing me, with his tail puffed up, like he was trying to sun his butt, or maybe make a well-lit rude gesture to the neighbor's window.

    unfortunately, the scale was poor, the glass was a bit grimy, and caught my reflection, and the squirrel moved before i could figure a good way to frame it.

    1. jeffdoolittle4 61 months ago | reply

      nice pic....Two thumbs up !!!!

      chipmunk on hand

    2. borderhacker 61 months ago | reply

      You framed it beautifully. Once in the camera and again in words, as a good poet should.

    3. joie_de_livre 61 months ago | reply

      I love that his tail looks like the halo on a Mexican-folk-art-type Madonna!

    4. karengille 25 months ago | reply

      I've been looking for a squirrel photo to use in my Etsy.com header. I would love to use your photo, but I don't quite understand how the attribution works. I want to make sure that I would have your permission, etc. Is there a way I can contact you? kgille@gmail.com

    5. schizoform 25 months ago | reply

      Hi karengille -- typically people will send flickrmail (in the dropdown menu when you hover over someone's icon) to talk about what kinds of attribution are appropriate. I'm happy to have you use this (cc) photo for your Etsy.com header. depending on how the photo is used different types of attribution are feasible: it's one thing to have a attribution by a photo, inside a book jacket, or in a caption, and another to muck up your logo with text. If you're wanting to process the photo for use in a Etsy.com header, you're welcome to use it without attribution. If anybody asks about it, though, point them my way. ;-) PS Nice beadwork.

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