SURVIVOR C64 Game, HTML + JS + CSS Remake
This is a web browser-based remake of an Atari / Commodore 64 game originally released in 1982. I finally got started on this project while on plane to Hawaii, with no-wifi and about 5 hours to kill, in December 2011.

It's really all HTML4 + JS + minimal CSS3, with the exception of HTML5 audio used in some cases.

You can play the game itself, and try creating your own design in the level editor.

A "Making-of" write-up is now on my personal site.

A few videos:
Level Fly-Through (regular gameplay)
Level Editor (creating and playing a level)
A live demo and a few notes about performance and the profiler at a BayJax event, Yahoo! Sunnyvale.

The source is on GitHub, too.
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