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Photobooth #1 by Schill

Photobooth #2 by Schill

Photobooth! by Schill

With the CEO by Schill

Herr Spiering by Schill

Herr Spiering by Schill

SB on deploying by Schill

Often imitated, never duplicated! by Schill

In which Dunstan arrives at the office to find out many people are dressed and acting like him by Schill

Communities Meeting by Schill

Kay, Manny, Mike, Zack, Markus by Schill

1080p HD video test (FlickrHQ rocket fight) by Schill

Paper Plate Wars: The Conclusion by Schill

Office Wars, Cont'd: Paper Plate Face-Off by Schill

Office Wars, Paper Plate Style by Schill

A night out with the crew by Schill

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