iPhone firmware/software update 1.0.1

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    Interesting (er, nerdy) to note the process, via iTunes:

    * Verifying existing firmware
    * Uploading new code to phone
    * Updating iPhone firmware
    * Updating iPhone software
    * Verifying updated iPhone software

    .. something like that, anyway. Then the phone restarts.
    Wonder if it's still "hackable." ;)

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    1. 'ju:femaiz 82 months ago | reply

      Did little snitch notice any pingbacks?

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    2. Schill 82 months ago | reply

      I've never tried it, heard it's cool.

    3. cburg 82 months ago | reply

      looks like you are in the iphone crew...how do you like it?

    4. Schill 82 months ago | reply

      First thing I noticed was, my wallet was angry at me.

    5. Jeremy Johnstone 82 months ago | reply

      Rumor has it, iFuntastic and jailbreak still work.

    6. Adam Lawrence 78 months ago | reply

      thought you might like to know that the wired blog is using this pic
      maybe they asked you and that's cool, or maybe they used it w/out permission which seems to be their typical m.o.

    7. Schill 78 months ago | reply

      ^ Thanks for the info. They appear to have pulled the photo from their post at the time of writing this comment, but I'm going to put this photo under a CC license if they (or others) would like to use it in future.

    8. Adam Lawrence 78 months ago | reply

      looks like 1 writer in particular was especially bad abt this.
      you're a good sport.
      since i see you actually work for flickr perhaps you can share with your coworkers that this whole rights/blogging issue is a real problem and that many of us in the flickr community feel like flickr doesn't care about it and isn't willing to better protect us.

    9. Slava V. 65 months ago | reply

      Thank you for releasing this shot under CC license. Just wanted to let you know I've selected to display this image at 'Iphone Software' news page (it's my hobby site), full attribution and link to you is provided. Thank you once again.

    10. cysiam 60 months ago | reply

      Nice shot, I´m using this picture for a school paper. I´m a student from Gjøvik University Collage in Norway.

      Thanks for sharing your work.

      best regards
      Samuel Andersen

    11. ai_painting 60 months ago | reply

      Nice shot, I am using this photo for my software engineering class slides.

      Chakarida Nukoolkit

    12. DavidGuest 17 months ago | reply

      Thank you for this great photo, I have used it for a blog post about business mobile phones (www.davidguest.com.au/blog/articles/team/protecting-your-...) and given you credit back to here on Flickr.

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