Flickr Web Uploadr Beta (2012): Demo Screencast

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This video quickly demonstrates some of the features available in the new Flickr Web Uploader including adding files, editing metadata, rearranging, adding to a set, adding tags and rotating before uploading the files to the photostream.

HTML5 File APIs, CSS3 transitions and other effects are used here to deliver a powerful uploader and editor combined as a single experience.

Full-screen + HD is recommended.

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  1. mroth 56 months ago | reply

    The audio track is missing. Please re-upload this immediately so that we can hear the Dr. Dre soundtrack I'm certain was meant to be present.

  2. Schill 56 months ago | reply

    You are correct. It is probably best viewed alongside this.

  3. Paolo Bosetti 56 months ago | reply

    Seems cool to me. Although, for people like me using export plugins in Lightroom/Aperture, I guess it will not make too much of a difference.
    As a side note, what's that scrollbar on the right??? you really are developing it on Snow Leopard?

  4. Schill 56 months ago | reply

    We develop and test on a variety of machines, running a number of OSes; in this case, the screencast was recorded on a computer running Snow Leopard.

  5. RukatheBlackfish 56 months ago | reply

    I'm in love! It's everything I can ask for! To me the best improvement was the way you pick the set(s) for the upload. No more scrolling down to find the right set!

  6. Lord Inquisitor 54 months ago | reply

    Dont like it all, hopefully this all black tablet/mobile/apple look will go down the toilet or is some way to have it as is now, which i like much more.

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