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The Wheels Of Steel, Day 1: Heatmap activity (what users are clicking)

This experiment at launched at 8 AM June 15th, and received 17,000 page views within 16 hours. The heatmap in this case comes from, which I've used in one form or another since 2003.


Interesting things to note:


Turntable interface

People are trying to click around the tonearm assembly (left turntable, top right area) which doesn't currently do anything. Elements people might use in the real world include the "tonearm lifter" - probably how your parents taught you to pick up the tonearm in order to play a certain track - and the anti-skate control, which few people aside from DJs and audiophiles ever mess with. I need to make those areas look non-responsive.


The power on/off knob (with the red LED) is very popular, but it does not start playing the record. That's what the start/stop button below is for. Presumably, people figure that out afterwards.


Mixer controls

The mixer's cross-fader control appears not to be popular (or maybe my script is canceling an event somewhere), but the vertical up-faders get a lot of use.


Additional elements

People do click around in the waveform box below the turntable, which seeks within the track. It appears they are also clicking and grabbing the tonearm to drag it, once it does go on the record when playing starts.


The "load URL" button next to the text input field appears to be popular. Perhaps people are trying their own MP3s out.


People are clicking the "more info" link, which is good as there are keyboard shortcuts, tips + tricks and so on.


Music links

The first "hot track", and the first Beastie Boys song, "Make Some Noise" are very popular. Presumably the latter is a single, or perhaps people just tend to gravitate toward the first thing.

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Uploaded on June 16, 2011