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    1. Μichael 38 months ago | reply

      The used book sale outside the festival hall? I've bought some good books there! I'm tempted to save it just for reminding me of it and making me happy that it still exists. The photo sucks though - such a boring viewpoint and the top of someones head right in the center of the frame. Thanks but...


    2. ricko 38 months ago | reply

      That guy needs to not be leaning over!
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    3. MecCanon [DatAperture] 38 months ago | reply

      I like it, but I feel like a narrower depth of field and that guy looking up would have helped.
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    4. D.Cork 38 months ago | reply

      Ok, I see what did you want to show us, but I think it will work more with a tele lens, in order to join all the plan of the scene. Here, the different plan are too far from eachother. I dont know if I explain me very well but thats the idea.


    5. NathanCreeper 38 months ago | reply

      ^^ He means compress the perspective so all the rows of books look close together.
      What ever you 'saw' is either not interesting or not obvious enough to me

    6. Mr. Mark 38 months ago | reply

      what, no saves??


    7. -.André.- 38 months ago | reply

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      nice compo

    8. Asad K 38 months ago | reply

      whites seem a little burnt out - blacks seem not dark enough, time of day seems to have made for harsh lighting as well. Not particularly convinced this top down angle was best.


    9. dikaiosune01 38 months ago | reply

      The background is very very distracting. I would much prefer to have a little more focus on the centre subject.


    10. Veet Kail 38 months ago | reply

      Marketplaces have a beautiful atmosphere, but it is hard to capture it. I totaly disagree with tele lens suggestion.

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    11. Skunkwurcx 38 months ago | reply

      I like the lines of trees in the background, and like Veet said, the atmosphere would probably have been wonderful.

      For me this shot would have worked better with a bit lower of a POV to get the rows of trees a little more with the books and not as wide. Also, less people or at least not the top of the guy's head and the butt of the person to the right.....



    12. notinponce 38 months ago | reply

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      I actually kind of like this one.

    13. ramnath bhat 38 months ago | reply

      more objects distracting.

    14. rodders. 38 months ago | reply

      like it more than i should because of my emotional attachment to the area
      agree with what ricko said...if he was more upright and peering in to a book that would be loads better

    15. Jessie Reeder 38 months ago | reply

      I think the top-of-the-head angle is exactly what makes this. It communicates how intently that guy is peering, which is part of the experience of being at the market. The tones are nice, as is the depth. Most of us wouldn't take this shot because we'd think it doesn't work. But it does.


    16. photö 38 months ago | reply

      the photo is as boring as the books this guy is looking at.

    17. wit 38 months ago | reply

      "Hmm there must be a book about how to avoid taking crappy photos here somewhere"


    18. japeye 38 months ago | reply


    19. mfophotos 35 months ago | reply

      A great shot. It captures a bibliophile's world so well. With so many things online, nothing beats the physicality of browsing through books.

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