Jugglers in Tokyo

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Tempei Arakawa and Thomas Dietz

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  1. ollily 91 months ago | reply

    great, great moment!!!

  2. Life of David 91 months ago | reply

    Great shot.

  3. Kourosh Azar 91 months ago | reply

    Very nice shot! The composition, dof subjects, all great!!!

  4. koduckgirl 91 months ago | reply

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  5. minolta711 91 months ago | reply

    this one makes me wonder what the Japanese guy at the back was thinking ... haha.. lovely shot. :)

  6. SCFiasco 91 months ago | reply

    Not of the same calibre as of those that you already have in the safe. I'm sorry that we judge safe members harder, but the standards do seem to slide higher on that scale, but expectations seem higher of those that are there. Look at it as a compliment, rather than a hindrance (e.g. you're getting better and better). DM

  7. Moward 91 months ago | reply

    the grain / noise is a little overwhelming on the large size.

    -Voted "deleteme2" (by the Delete me! Group)

  8. smoothdude 91 months ago | reply

    nice moment captured here but its not blowing me away. I'm teetering back and forth about whether I feel the crop is just a hair too tight.. in the end its a great photo just not something I want to save.

    -Voted deleteme3

  9. gdiazdeleon 91 months ago | reply

    A save if you'd switched places, tight frame on right...

    -voted as "deleteme4" (from Deleteme! group)

  10. Floating Lantern 91 months ago | reply

    The bible says, be cold or hot, but not lukewarm.

    -voted as "deleteme5" (from Deleteme! group)

  11. Sighthound 91 months ago | reply

    pretty emotionless

    -Voted "deleteme7" (by the Delete me! Group)

  12. dipfan 91 months ago | reply

    What j!mbo said but with extra gratuitous snideness


  13. Pink Albatross 91 months ago | reply

    I ilke the new portrait style of one person in front and one behind. However, the placement must be hard to achieve. The one on the right should a) be in focus and b) I think a bit more towards the center, but not right in the center, so that there is not as much space between the guy on the left and the guy in front. Also there should be some sort of emotion between the guys. Competitiveness or just simple awareness of the other person in the picture or both focusing on the same thing, or... anyway... the way it is it doesn't work for me.

    -Voted "deleteme9" (by the Delete me! Group)

  14. Robin Thom 91 months ago | reply

    Pink Albatros covered it.

    -Voted "deleteme10" (by the Delete me! Group)

  15. Jim Skea 91 months ago | reply

    This has 10 legitimate deletemes so I'm removing it from the DeleteMe pool.

    You didn't make it into The Safe but don't miss your chance to forever annoy the rest of the group by posting it to the U Got Me thread.

  16. Jen Salik 87 months ago | reply

    *omfg* war das nicht in einer zeitschrift? kommt mir total bekannt vor.

  17. schani 87 months ago | reply

    Das waer' mir neu. Wer tut schon ein Foto mit zwei Jongleuren in eine Zeitschrift? :-)

  18. Jen Salik 87 months ago | reply

    ich glaube mich auch wieder erinnern zu können - da ging es denke ich um einen koch der in japan japanische küche gelernt hat. war soweit ich mich erinnern kann im vor-magazin...

    der ausschnitt war anders und es war noch essen drauf, aber sonst hat es von der aufteilung gepaßt und die stirnbänder haben fast exakt so ausgesehen *gg*

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