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Tulips & Ceramics

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  1. laNDN ages ago | reply

    Framing in the out of focus cabinet of granny's dishes sacrificed an otherwise decent photo of pretty flowers.

    Unbalanced, unfocused picture. Too bad.

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  2. bbikkerr1 ages ago | reply

    This one is not the best I have seen of flower pictures. I do like the one you just recently posted on flickr. In it's natural habitat..(aka not a vase :)).

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  3. aprevite ages ago | reply

    I noticed other people being pained. I just wanted to be cool like them.

  4. SCFiasco ages ago | reply

    @Aprevit: Yeah, "I was pained..." with ngudu's stream too, so I guess I should'nt complain... wahhhh

  5. SCFiasco ages ago | reply

    @bb: ???

  6. SCFiasco ages ago | reply

    @anyone: I'm not defending here, so no posting me on the "The best defense" thread please, pretty please, pretty-pretty please with sugar on top?

  7. bbikkerr1 ages ago | reply

    I think I got your picture mixed up with someone elses...never mind I do not like any of your flower pics! :)

  8. SCFiasco ages ago | reply

    @bb: U Pussy (willow). U Pancy. But you're right, I pretty much suck at Botany pix.

  9. bbikkerr1 ages ago | reply

    Awww...I am your pussy willow? I didn't know you cared. :)

  10. SCFiasco ages ago | reply

    I don't care about you, but this babe is hot! Too bad she's got lousy taste :)

    ... from bbikkerr1

  11. Tom Q ages ago | reply

    ceramics? I thought they were hub caps...

    Nice detail, good colours. Just doesn't move me. I prefer narcissi...

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  12. SCFiasco ages ago | reply

    @Tom_Q: Again, figs help me with my movement...

  13. Corgi_T ages ago | reply

    @ Aprevit - it pains me to admit that you will never be as cool as me. :)

    @ SC - I tossed my camera, as per your suggestion, freak. Focus? (shakes head)

  14. bbikkerr1 ages ago | reply

    Haha..you mean thank God she has lousy taste right? :)

    Well that is what I say anyway.

  15. Robin Thom ages ago | reply

    Nice flash but the composition isn't doing it for me.

    The tulips are kind of sitting there in a lump
    without any dynamic with anything else in the frame.

    I think I'd like them in a wider mouthed vase so they fan out a bit more,
    and see them either higher, or lower in the frame with some more of the room included in the shot.

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  16. ricko ages ago | reply

    A well taken shot but it is still just Tulips.

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  17. Tom Q ages ago | reply

    SC - figs, eh? Maybe a picture of some of those would work for me :-)

  18. Jim Skea ages ago | reply

    Looks like this has 10 legitimate deletemes so I'm removing it from the DeleteMe pool.

    Please feel free to post the photo in small size and result to the U Got Me thread where we can see it for posterity.

  19. Introvena [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Very nice. This is similar to the tulips I took...

  20. SCFiasco ages ago | reply

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