Abstract Quarter Concentric Circles

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    Looking up from the atrium of the National Museum of the American Indian, Washington DC

    1. disneymike ages ago | reply

      I love abstract photos. I think this one is so nice because of the patterns made by the concentric circles. I want to save it so much, but the glare on the top left takes away from the effectiveness of the image.

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    2. Mat. ages ago | reply

      i like the subject, its just spoiled by a couple of details

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    3. Jon Appleyard ages ago | reply

      it's a shame that although the concentric circles were your only focus point you couldn't crop it equally in the top right.

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    4. SCFiasco ages ago | reply

      @Jon: If I had raised it higher on the shot the dome openning would have overwhelmed the upper right, so I decided to crop as such.

    5. EricBartholemew ages ago | reply

      Close ! Don't like what you've got going on on the bottom edge:

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    6. KLauderdale ages ago | reply

      If it was just the circles I would have kept it..

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    7. Urban Disturbance ages ago | reply

      just some wild shot of a ceiling...

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    8. gnomesoup ages ago | reply

      Who thought it was a good idea to use that color paint? That's just wrong.

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    9. SandraDavis ages ago | reply

      what this photo needs is a suicide attempt or a dead body.

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    10. jjgross144 ages ago | reply

      it does a good job of giving me vertigo.

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    11. vangruvie ages ago | reply

      It's a little unfair to comment as I tend not to like architectural studies...but being objective for the moment it strikes me that this image really doesn't have a subject or a centre...is it the terminus of the rings at the top right...or somewhere in the rolling hills of balconies at bottom. Doesn't work for me.

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    12. T0ECUTTER [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Looks like the insides of a time machine !

    13. Photo_Gerida [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Click HERE for more information.
      Thanks for sending it. Your photo is -Now- visible at TopPhotoBlog.
      The direct link to your photo and Serialnumber is:

    14. mark willocks ages ago | reply

      I like this one too. Gawd, those delete me people.

      Seen in your My Personal Favorites set. (?)

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