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Rule by Law | by Luo Shaoyang
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Rule by Law

Today is the the 18th anniversary of the military crackdown on the Tiananmen Square demonstrations which happened on June 4th 1989 in Beijing China. At that time, a lot of innocent students and people were killed and many more were arrested and jailed by the Chinese authority.


Many students and intellectuals, both in China and the international community, claimed that the demonstration was a movement motivated by the desire to “support democracy”. In fact, many of people amongst the demonstrators only had the foggiest idea about “Democracy and Freedom”.


As a younger middle-school student in that year, I, by the first time, came to Beijing. I remember that I saw many Chinese guards with weapons standing around the Gate of Heavily Peace-TianAnMeng Square without smiling. By the time I reached Mao Zedong’s biggest portrait, which is situated in the centre of Beijing, I was very impressed- an armed-solder had wordlessly looked at me. (Yesterday, I took this photo in the same place but, this time,the guard didn't look at me )


It has been 18 years since the memory of his face and eye was shot into my head. Yet, I am still unable to eliminate him from my memory and it may take a long time to remove him from my head. This situation, both for me and for all Chinese who are willing to participate in democracy and freedom may yet continue for a long time. I believe that the process of developing a “Rule of Law(法制)” here in China will be more difficult than any other process simply because we have a two-thousand-year history of “Rule by Law(人治)”. Article:Chinese Culture and Politics






今天的中国社会在经济和人们的日常生活领域与往昔有了很大的不同,人们虽然不再兴致勃勃地提及那场震惊全球的“民主运动”,然而一个无可非议的事实是中国仍然是一个“人治(Rule by Law)”的国家,尽管这些年,在伴随着经济的成功之后,中国社会在许多方面都有了很大的进步,但建设西方文明中的“民主”与“法制(Rule of Law)”,却仍然匍匐不前,有待进一步提高。







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Taken on June 4, 2007