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Watching the Grass Grow

It's one of the exciting things I get to do these days now that I'm cleared to hold something as heavy as a magnifying glass. Next week, if I'm up to it, I may even watch people walking -- a major milestone in shoulder surgery recovery!


To be honest, I have been getting around a bit.* I did an hour's drive yesterday -- twice! -- washed laundry, cut some branches, and even shaved. I also did a LOT of website stuff. I'm still unable to do some things that require resistance or two-handed dexterous coordination. I can open a jar, but not quite use a can opener; steer a shopping cart one-handed but not a lawn mower; run upstairs but not cut a tomato. And I still get very sleepy by afternoon! It's the lack of exercise, I'm sure. I'll be very happy when I'm back to bike-riding 50 miles. Right now I'd settle for 50 yards. Sigh. All in time...


Hey, did you see that blade of grass add a cell just now? So cool!


A Mug a Week: Week 29.


*In addition to what you see here: watching grass grow, crawling around the grass, embarrassing myself in front of neighbors, having ants crawl over my legs ... all for a photo.

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Taken on August 12, 2012