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Expedition: Front Door

I've been stuck* in the house so much this summer that I forgot where the front door was. But because I'm planning a brief see-how-it-goes return to work at the library Friday morning, I set off this week in search of an exit. In this photo, you see me on Day 3 exploring a promising bright light in the upper elevations of Staircase Mountain. The light proved to be a mere promontory overlooking Driveway Valley with no safe descent route. I returned to camp late that night tired and hungry but undaunted. Unless someone took it while I was sleeping, I'm pretty sure there's a still a front door here somewhere. The expedition continues.


A Mug a Week: Week 28.


*Stuck in the house recovering from an injury in May, then a surgery in July.

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Taken on August 2, 2012