The Creation of the Universe: The Short Form

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    You have to admit that creating the entire rest of the universe on Day Four was some fairly impressive throughput on the work day. Indeed, it makes it look like God was totally slacktastic the rest of the time. Don't even get me started on Day Seven.

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    1. nocturnallucidity 112 months ago | reply

      Who created the ocean?!?!

    2. Chuck Lawhorn 112 months ago | reply

      "And what's behind the curtain?"

      According to Monty Hall, a big Zonk.

    3. tygehrra 112 months ago | reply

      Apparently the firmament is a bunch of fluffy white clouds.
      But wait, in the fourth picture the firmament is the vacuum of space?

    4. sef_lopod 112 months ago | reply

      { NB passing through here from PZ's }
      In the world of the creationist the phases of the moon (which fails to rule every night anyway) apparently have nothing to do with reflecting light from the sun - because the wrong side of it is illuminated! Even if they're just inserts in the main picture, why do these people go out of their way to be more wrong than they have to be (ie simply by being creationists in the first place).

    5. 8TrackMind 112 months ago | reply

      God's work flow. Nice.

    6. tofuforthewin 112 months ago | reply

      "what's behind the curtain?"

      well if we are "created in his image" my money is those holes are glory holes. where do you think snow comes from? cant be anything scientific, obviously.

    7. SFGeorge 112 months ago | reply

      First I can't eat yellow I can't eat white snow either?? Boo for creationism - it's a buzz kill. Wait. Maybe that's the idea :-(

    8. Simon Wheatley 112 months ago | reply

      If on the first day there is only light, what is that light reflecting off in the first illustration?

    9. myeralan 112 months ago | reply

      "those holes are glory holes"

      Now there's a theory for that manna stuff...

    10. turbo78 112 months ago | reply

      God used a shadow casting omni light on the first day, and set the specular level of the seas to around 60.

    11. ericpittsburgh 112 months ago | reply

      Why no Gantt chart? Were deadlines missed?

    12. mr thepete 112 months ago | reply

      "If on the first day there is only light, what is that light reflecting off in the first illustration?"

      Well done, simonwheatley! Made me LOL.

      I'm going to defend the crazies and suggest that when God said let there be "light" he really meant "illumination" or "thought of God." Just a theory--I have a feeling that if I had the time, I could write up some excuses for a lot of what these folks believe. Not scientific excuses, but metaphors that would justify belief in the stories and ideas, but not the alleged facts. ^_^

      Oh and Mark Jaquith, I think science and (lower case) god CAN exist at the same time--but (upper case) God? I am with you.

      And why doesn't the Bible (or this flowchart) explain WHY God created everything? I mean, seriously--WHY? And don't give me this "mysterious ways" crap.

    13. sean_mcgee 112 months ago | reply

      @thepetecom: First of all, the Bible was written by man..."inspired" of God (1 Tim 3:16), but written by man. So, it doesn't hold every answer in the Universe, no matter how much these so-called Christians want it to.

      Second, this picture is ridiculous. Anyone with any knowledge of the scriptures knows that the 7 creative "days" were not literal "days." There's a scripture that says that a day is "as a thousand" to God. Some even believe that there's no way to determine how long a "Creative Day" would've been. Some say that it's more like Creative Stages than days. Also, the Bible says that God rested between the creative days. Doesn't say how long he rested.

      (None of this offends me as I'm comfortable with my belief in Creation, although, my belief in Creation is not as these LOONIES make it out to be.)

    14. sef_lopod 112 months ago | reply

      It doesn't matter about the day-length or gaps. The order of events in that account is wrong. That's what shows it (and any religion derived from it and claiming it as true) to be false.

      That passage makes specific, falsifiable claims which have already been falsified. It's a dead duck as creation myths go - despite migrating to the West (or perhaps even because of that!). Hmm... zombie duck and a lot of farm-bred people with necrophilia.

    15. kd1s 112 months ago | reply

      Know what the really sad part is? If they'd just stopped at day one and explored a little, what we know about the cosmos today would be far beyond what we do know.

      But we have to remember that the men who wrote the Bible were in so many words, our intellectual inferiors.

      They were happy to believe that events were beyond their control. Unfortunately we have people like that today.

    16. baley347 112 months ago | reply

      One Question who created God, and his father?
      What about his grand father? ....
      Their theory is full of bugs I'd say !

    17. the Dragonweaver 112 months ago | reply

      In my Old Testament class— which these folks would no doubt regard as highly heretical, except that I'm already going to Hell because I'm a papist— we discussed why light was created before the sun and moon and stars. If you accept the idea of "The Word of God through the hand of Man", it's quite simple— the writers of the time had to compete with a bunch of sun-worshipers, so this was there way of showing that the sun wasn't really all that important in the grand scheme of things.

    18. GillianNOTHING 112 months ago | reply

      this is amazing. some people are really stupid. some people meaning creationists.

    19. dornohneroeschen 111 months ago | reply

      "day 2: let there be firmament." oh yeah. and clouds and stuff.

      heeeeeey... why can we see days 1-3?

    20. crealms8216 42 months ago | reply

      It's almost like the bible was written before people realized those little lights in the sky could be just like our sun and have planets of their own an potentially life.

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