Why the T-Rex Has Such Famously Flat, Molar-Like Teeth

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    Let us also note that this "very good" creation totally sucked for plants.

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    1. tofuforthewin ages ago | reply

      --Poor vegetarian mosquitoes.

      bahahahahah very nice. i like.

    2. indigo1968 ages ago | reply

      Um, does anyone notice the same gaping omission in this above statement that I do? What about fishes?

      Genesis says that on Day 5 God filled the oceans with sea creatures, but are we supposed to believe prior to the Fall that sharks ate only salads and the occasional honeydew melon?

      Sorry, don't meant to throw logic into the discussion....

    3. Wrenn__ ages ago | reply

      @indigo1968. - poor logic. I think it drownded.

    4. JadeM3 [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Physicalist: That's totally what I was thinking...and now I am sad because fundamentalist christians give vegetarians a bad name!

    5. L_K_M ages ago | reply

      Wait, are fundamental Christians all vegetarians?

    6. Valendon ages ago | reply

      The very good creation, two thousand years later:

      "For goodness sake, Adam, eat the bloody apple. This place is overrun with rats!"

    7. yaakhee86 ages ago | reply

      I'd like creationists to make their own version of Jurassic Park. "Oh noes the T-Rex is coming to eat... our flowers! Aah!"

      Terrifying stuff.

    8. fdtate ages ago | reply

      The verse before that one (in the King James Version) says, "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth..."
      Which explains where all the mary jane came from.

    9. ArmageddonAfterparty ages ago | reply

      Venus fly traps used to eat themselves too.

    10. i know things ages ago | reply

      if only adam and eve were cast from eden...how did the other animals get out into the world...and if they did not die, why the reproductive capacity? also, why the plant genocide?
      did not the Jews eat meat? (except for pigs)... cannibalism forbidden?
      did you know that human meat is also referred to as "long pork"?

    11. Probably Harmless 104 months ago | reply

      > Poor vegetarian mosquitoes.

      They were invented afterwards.

      No, wait, God invented all the animals and things before.



    12. CHUCKage 103 months ago | reply

      I knew it! god was actually a peta member!

    13. habrahamson 101 months ago | reply

      Dinosaurs lived off Tofu and Vitamin Water.

    14. Texas Revolutionary 101 months ago | reply

      So carnivorous plants ate... other plants? And if nothing needed to reproduce, there would be no fruit or flowers, neither serves any purpose other than reproduction. Without fruit, there would be no forbidden knowledge for them to eat. Ergo, the whole garden of eden is a massive pile of shit.

    15. Skyelyte 93 months ago | reply

      Geez, the more I see, the more I wonder? Will we be hangin' around with dinosaurs in the hereafter? That is so weird (like nothing else here is)!

    16. rdjudesie 67 months ago | reply

      OMG!!!! I was just thinking about the poor plants too!!!! D: WILL NO ONE SPEAK FOR THE PLANTS?????

    17. treesphinx 65 months ago | reply

      So if the garden of eden had dinosaurs in it, and the fall made them carnivores, how come they didn't then devour Adam, Eve and all the other little creatures?

    18. Sandy Stauffacher 59 months ago | reply

      So if animals didn't eat each other, what happens to the corpses when they die? Are there no carrion species to get rid of the decaying flesh? That would definitely have been a stinky joint! No wonder Eve ate the apple.

    19. crealms8216 53 months ago | reply

      Why would they need to eat anything? They don't get sick before the fall, don't get injured, they are "good" which in fundy speak is the same as perfect so they probably don't get tired ether. They don't lose energy so why would they need to eat anything?

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