"The Thrill of the Hunt" - Wurstminster Dog Show print

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    Here is my entry (my dog, the Beagle) in the upcoming Wurstminster Dog Show (http://thewurstgallery.com), as well as my very first Print Gocco print. On the left is my original mock up, on the right is the 7-screen Gocco print. All in all it turned out okay as my first experimentation with Gocco, but had I more time, screens and bulbs I would've laid out the layers/colors a bit differently. I also would've liked to have printed it on a darker yellow paper (but I couldn't find the right shade of mustard locally) and I would've used a brown or dark gray ink on the horse shading, but I already spent way more time on it than I wanted to. Still, I like the off-registration and the spotty printing technique. I think Gocco and I will be friends for a long time, unless they stop makin' the ding-dang parts!

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    1. grickily 89 months ago

      wow - really neat

    2. bokeh burger 89 months ago

      i love it the mostest! shhhhhhh...

    3. xtinalamb 89 months ago

      Yay that's an amazing first gocco - really impressive! I usually do colour mock-ups for larger edition goccos with lots of screens too. It'd be a shame to screw up a whole lot of good work with a bad colour choice late on in a big run. 7 screens is a lot of work, did you use the pg-11?

      Looking forward to seeing the whole Wurst show. Great that you didn't subject the beagles to nicotine torture - this is far more original.

    4. S.britt 89 months ago

      Thanks a lot for all the lovely compliments, everybody! It was a fun/learning experience, but next time I think I'll try a simpler 2 or 3 color print.

      To answer your question xtinalamb: I have the PG Arts, the king of all Gocco's! I know I shoulda started out with a smaller, cheaper model (just like I shoulda started out with a simpler print), but I like making things difficult for myself. By the way, what is nicotine torture and who or why would someone subject a beagle to it? I DO recall reading that Snoopy once burned down his doghouse because he was smoking in bed (after a hot night with Woodstock, no doubt!)... is that what you were referring to?

    5. colorblok 89 months ago

      Your wurstminster piece looks awesome!!! I found out today that mine is missing misteriously. It never arrived to the Sturgills, I'm so anguished. I hope I can recover it somehow so it can hang next to yours! It would be an honour!! I cross my fingers...

    6. boygirlparty 89 months ago

      this is gorgeous, stephan! what an ambitious gocco undertaking and an impressive result!!

    7. jcbonbon 89 months ago

      love your illustration style and witty imagry!

    8. xtinalamb 89 months ago

      Maybe it's a UK thing & actually I wish I hadn't mentioned it, but beagles have a long association with tobacco testing. I think they are also the most commonly used animal for drugs testing, mainly because they are friendly and docile. Sorry! My brain is tainted with many years of cartoon beagles smoking, and animal rights shocker photos.

      I really want the PG Arts too! I saw one at a friend's studio and it was a serious-looking piece of kit.

    9. happy d 89 months ago

      wow~ so cute!

      i love beagles and recently adopted an ex-hunting dog w/ my boyfriend. his name is duke


    10. compact collection 89 months ago

      i really like the color contrast between the den walls and the dishes in the original. i really like the periwinkle background for ye olde beagle jockey in the gocco version. now kindly make more stuff so that i can buy, please! :)

    11. Laura is here 88 months ago

      impressive results! I loves me some beagles!

    12. Snaggs 88 months ago

      OH!!! I'm so in love with this!! Fantastic job!

    13. astridgabriella ☂ 88 months ago

      ah, ok, read it here, gocco of course, have to try it sometime!

    14. chibietotoro13 84 months ago

      oh waowwwww!!!!! i really like your stuff a lot!!!
      and your doodle room, it's an amazing place..really love it :)

    15. cutiepie company 68 months ago

      This is amazing! I can't believe this is your first gocco print, holy cow! I'd be embarassed to show you my first print...

      Awesome work!

    16. brad renner [deleted] 48 months ago

      this is your first gocco? good god it is fabulous!

    17. Lauren Peppiatt 42 months ago

      absolutely stunning work!

    18. ¡doʇuoʞɔoɹ 33 months ago

      Really interesting to see what's possible with this technology. I'm about to dive into the large size machine myself. Great print!

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