Octogonal Gazebo/Octagonal Gazebo

Where equirectangular panoramas are fun... I was near the center of an octogonal "kiosque à musique", called gazebo in English. HDR (-2/0/+2) panorama.


Enjoy the interactive viewer (needs Shockwave).


You can see very precisely the location here. [?]

  • Alexis 9y

    Nice shot (and great aim) ! People : don't forget to zoom in all the way.
    Nice gazebo btw ;-)
  • Seb Przd 9y

    It probably sounds strange if I say, in a lurid voice, "Do *you* want to see my gazebo?"
  • Patrick Kool 9y

    Super Shot!!! how big is the file? its so good detailed
  • Kristin 5000 9y

    it doesnt even look real
  • priskiller 9y

    I LOVE this. The colors, the shape, it's all so surreal! I see a small stitch in the floor when I use the interactive viewer tho.
  • Seb Przd 9y

    priskiller: you're right, there is a stitch problem, introduced when I tone-mapped the hdr image. I will try to correct it.
  • priskiller 9y

    Looks awesome, as usual!
  • Steve Coleman 9y

    Wow, that interactive thing is amazing! Nice work ;))))
  • Aldo Hoeben 9y

    Thanks for showing that tonemapped panoramas don't have to have halos ;-)

    Great looking image.
  • Seb Przd 9y

    Thanks for the comments!
  • Josh Sommers 8y

    I'm sure you already figured this out seb, but in Photomatix, I have been able to correct for those stitch errors by selecting the 360 degree option in the tone mapping dialogue. It doesn't always work 100% so maybe you already tried that. I also find that with equirectangulars that the best way to produce them is by using the large file option. You create the HDR save it and close it then select the large file option from the HDR menu. This is great nonetheless! Also congrats on so many views! That is incredible! Seems like just the other day you were at 50,000, and I thought that was incredible.
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