• The ant box. Ants from many dimensions pour out of the ant box.

ant party

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The stupid ants. They seem to be coming in the little silver box which I think connects to the outside and the bars on my window or something.

I come home from work and there are like millions of the stupid things swarming my apartment. At least this time only a few had made the trek across my apartment to the kitchen.

They're unstoppable and horrible.

  1. disrupsean 92 months ago | reply

    get a couple ant traps... sheesh

    you clearly never lived in Florida, where hordes of fireants kill dobermans and haul off small children to cuba on a regular basis

  2. sbfisher 92 months ago | reply

    haha, funny.

    Yeah, that's the nice thing about living someplace with seasons (not here). Most of the bugs get killed off in the winter, not like here where the Argentine ants are busy forming supercolonies that reach for miles with 2,000 queens in the same supercolony all pumping out babies.

    They're actually swarming around my window because of the tasty borax-laced ant bait. They swarm and feed on it for a while, carry it back to their queen(s) and give it to the whole nest before they die, Die, DIE!

    I really should have paid attention when the bait said outdoor use, but instead tried it inside where they were coming in since I couldn't see their trail outside. They really loved that bait and my apartment.

    Since then I've taped up the ant box and sprinkled a magic circle of AJAX around the ant box. It seems to keep them from wanting to come in and the ones who do die from the bleachy, detergenty ajax boulders they try crawling over.

    Don't believe the crap you read on the Internet about them being scared off by peppermint leaves or vinegar. Unless these things get directly on them they don't care at all, and they will crawl over peppermint leaves if they have to.

  3. 24thcentury 73 months ago | reply

    Saw that your photo got picked up by the Get Rich Slowly blog: www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2008/04/10/how-to-get-rid-of-a...

  4. sbfisher 73 months ago | reply

    Thanks 24th (c) . How did you find that out? Just came across it? But sure enough, it did.

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