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Fly Back Home. | by SaylaMarz
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Fly Back Home.


My parents lost one of my birds. That's Narcissus, on the right....I guess my dad brought them outside for fresh air, and forgot about them.


He thinks a cat knocked over the cage, because he came out and it was on the ground and the gate had slid open and Narcissus was gone. They don't know if he flew away or of a cat got him out of the cage.


I really really doubt that a cat got him...the cage is so deep it would be hard to pull him out, especially since Narcissus favours the hard to reach corners...and there's no sign of violence, and Water doesn't seem traumatized.... Narcissus has always been the brave, independent one, so it would be just like him to go off exploring while Water waited patiently in an open cage.


It's so fucked up. My parents were keeping them temporarily because of a noise complaint in my building. I was supposed to take them back this weekend.


So now I have Water, who is the codependent one, and I'm trying to convince my parents to play budgie sounds to see if Narcissus will play Marco Polo and come back.


Water apparently is completely despondent.....I'm gonna have to get a new bird to keep him company if we can't find Narcissus, and that just feels completely wrong.


I just want him back.


Please do all your wishing and wish him back home to me.

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Taken on June 7, 2009