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Relationships | by Saxony Marie
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They seem to remind me of my need for God. Every day they serve as a reminder of how much I need Him in my life. (redundancy, ha)


I need to find satisfaction in Him, so I may find satisfaction in my relationships.

I need to know His mercy, so I may not judge others.

I need to appreciate Him, so I may appreciate others.

I need to find joy in Him, so that I can find joy in people.

I need Him to teach me, so I may teach others.

I need to know His love for me, so I may properly love others.


My relationships are really a reflection of the state of my spiritual life. Trust me. It's not too difficult to know what's going on with my relationship with Him. Within the first steps, days, that I stray I turn rotten. My normal behavior changes, and my relationships undergo such pressure. Things can get ugly inside of me, and I do and say ugly things. So really, if I don't tend to my relationship with Christ, my relationships turn rotten as well.


I don't have a relationship with God to feel better about myself. I have a relationship with God because He loved me first, and I want to love Him back. I love Him so that I can love you.


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Taken on October 25, 2009