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Pieces: 323

Price: $50.00 USD

Kit includes: All new parts, high quality printed instruction book, water slide decals, collectible box, and certificate of authentication.


Let me say starting off that I am a member of the RAILBRICKS team, so my review of this custom set may appear biased. However, I am going to be as honest as I can.

The RAILBRICKS 50' flat car custom set is a very nice set. The build contains some really interesting and fun techniques, and I really love the detail on the trucks. It may seem like a very simple design, and it is, but it also looks good - it looks like it belongs on a traditional model train layout. The design does have a significant flaw, however, for those, like me, who run exceptionally long trains. The connection of the trucks to the main body relies on the clutch power of sidways oriented bricks, so the car could break and be pulled apart if placed near the locomotive on a very long train. Overall I would say this is an exceptional set, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to add an extra bit of rolling stock to their collection.

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  1. TooMuchDew 65 months ago | reply

    Tony: nice looking flat car, good review. With the weight of our 8-wide rolling stock, the GMLTC uses 3/8" rare earth neodymium disc magnets (pull force about 5 lbs) between each LEGO magnet coupling to avoid the possible problem you described.

  2. SavaTheAggie 65 months ago | reply

    You misunderstand, I think. The problem with this set on exceptionally long trains has nothing to do with the magnets, its the car itself can be pulled apart. The bogies attach to 1x2 technic bricks laying on their side, and those bricks are attached to a 6 wide assembly which is only attached to the rest of the car by the 6 stud connections of bricks laying on their sides. I've tried to add some 1x4 bricks with 4 studs on the side so that the deck could lock the 1x2 bricks in place, but the design prevents it.

  3. TooMuchDew 65 months ago | reply

    ok, I gotcha...
    Dan Siskind made an 8-wide I've been using on the GMLTC layout to carry my John Deere tractors that is plenty sturdy (but probably more parts-intensive than the Railbricks kit)

  4. Jayhurst 65 months ago | reply

    This kit was part of my prize package for winning the Eurobricks train building contest that took place in August.

    I have to say, for just a plain old flat car, there is a lot of cool design work going on in this kit, and I was pleasantly surprised at how neat looking this kit is when put together.

    I haven't pulled it in any super long trains yet, so I can't confirm the brick/truck separation issue that Sava mentions above, but do I believe that the $50 asking price for this kit is well worth it - and the included, printed instruction book is as good as anything Lego puts out as far as clarity and readablity go.

    Plus, buying one of these supports a really good cause; Railbricks. :-)

  5. Tom Neumo 65 months ago | reply

    simple, yet great looking!

  6. marktrainwelker 63 months ago | reply

    where can you buy one of these?

  7. SavaTheAggie 63 months ago | reply

    If I'm not mistaken, they're sold out and retired. But if they're still available, or if they make other designs, you can find them at www.Railbricks.com

  8. marktrainwelker 63 months ago | reply

    looked only instructions which means i can still buitd one from scrap .

  9. marktrainwelker 63 months ago | reply

    brick link here i come!

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