Smoked Turkey Legs

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    I smoked the turkey I am bringing to the family Thanksgiving feast this weekend (which was then put in the deep freezer, since we'll be driving quite some distance, and the smoker doesn't travel well).

    I didn't want to waste firing up the smoker for something I wasn't going to get to eat immediately, so I bought and threw some turkey legs into the smoker.

    I'm trying a new recipe for the turkey this year, so I gave the turkey legs the same treatment. I injected the turkey with a honey, garlic, whiskey injection, which I marinaded and injected the legs in as well (I didn't marinate the turkey). My wife and friends said it wasn't bad, but I'm not sold on it. In fact I'm quite worried that the turkey won't be any good. But... I marinaded the turkey legs and injected them, but I only injected the turkey, so the flavors were much more concentrated on the turkey legs. Hopefully... things will turn out well.

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