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Emerald Garratt WiP 01

"Emerald Garratt" is a working title title till I think of something better.


This is the rear of the locomotive, and its pretty much finished (though I know it doesn't look it). I chose to do this part first because it should be the more challenging part to build. The exposed gear cannot be helped, but I'm ok with it, and the other side of the locomotive has a longer tank which will cover the gear up, so this will be the only exposed gear on the whole locomotive.


The motor is alot faster than I wanted it to be, but it's slower than it would have been without changing anything. Fortunately, eventually, I'll get my hands on the variable speed controller and with any luck it'll fix that problem.


It's the right size, best I can figure, when looking at the drawings, but the boiler will sit much taller than the drawing, so the tanks will look shorter. I'm not sure if I can manage to lift them up much with the parts I have on hand, but when I get finished if it looks too bad I'll order some dark green to make the tanks a bit taller.

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Taken on July 1, 2009