• IR Receiver
  • Hidden PF rechargeable battery (not yet purchased). Originally I was going to hide the battery upside down under the boiler, so that it could be charged without removing any parts, but with the IR receiver moved forward it shouldn't be any trouble installing the battery here.
  • Installing a medium PF motor here shouldn't be an issue... (see opposite note)
  • (see opposite note) ...but installing a medium PF motor here, and successfully gearing it to the drivers, may prove challenging, what with so little room to work. I may have to expose a few gears between the tank and the coal bunker, but hopefully it won't look too bad.

NZR G Class Drawing

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Found HERE. If the information on Wikipedia is correct about copyright issues, and New Zealand copyrights expire after 50 years, then this should now be under public domain. (See date under the signature on the bottom right - 1929)

Woo! This will do just fine in helping me build the locomotive. It's hardly a detailed picture, but I should be able to use it to do one of my scaled drawings. That should come in the next day or two.

I'd still like some photos, though, so I can see all the details not listed here (and I know of at least a few).

  1. Scøtty 70 months ago | reply

    Yeah my book o' steam engines has gone AWOL, if I find it I'll scan it for you. This looks promising

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