Green House Renovation
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Began Nov 2006 with "deconstruction" (careful demolition) to save, reuse, donate and recycle many materials instead of just trashing them. Dec 06 - May 07 framing new floor for second story using FSC wood, adding super insulating SIP walls and roof, used rigid foam and soy spray foam, surplus windows, borate pressure treated lumber, metal roof, recycled shingles, reused bricks.
June - July 07 installed surplus and salvage flooring, denim insulation, reused our cabinets and some used ones, solar hot water, solar PV panels, green roof, rubber roof, reused sink, salvaged trim, no VOC paints/stains/oils.
July - Sept 07 Installed Cradle to Cradle carpet tiles, Paperstone countertops, efficient lighting (some LEDs), recycled bathroom/foyer tile, locust porch flooring, salvage/surplus lighting fixtures, salvaged ceiling fans, reused doors, dual flush toilets, floor refinishing, green house cleaning.

Oct 07 Hosted solar tour, moved in, moved stuff from storage, took a break from remaining house work and started to unpack; removal of trash, recycling, donations of extras.

Nov 07 Native landscaping, storm water mgmt, tree replacement, and garden.

NEED TO ADD PHOTOS in here Dec --March, some of the finished spaces and fixtures.

Apr 08 solar PV panels turned on, meter running backwards

Still Upcoming: SUPER efficient lighting (more LEDs?), screens for porch, salvage countertop pieces and reused brick patio and walkways.
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