Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park
The larger, more rugged and lesser well know cousin of the Yosemite, it attracts lesser crowds but is far more wild and interested and there are more things to do here.

The Sequoia part of it is home to the largest trees in the Western hemisphere - these silent sentinels have stood the test of time for about 3000 years, growing upt 300 ft tall, 29 feet in diameter. Sadly I am not sure if they will stand the test of mankind, who is ferocious in his intent to destroy and plunder the natural beauty in the national parks.

(I am looking at you, Bush)

The Kings Canyon part of it, as its name suggests is the real rocky alternative to the people unable to stand the crowds of Yosemite. The drive into the heart of this park is quite spectacular. The myriad hiking trails spread out like the veins in a human body, helping backpackers to reach places of unparalleled beauty to witness natures raw constructive and destructive powers.

There is more to the park than the road can take you . Another must visit.
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