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Resting at Cloud's Rest

With the warm weather rolling in and the snow up in the Sierra Nevada starting to melt, many of you out there would be yearning to venture out to and hike in the wilderness areas of the high country in Yosemite National Park.

Well, join the club. I too am waiting for July so that there is a semblance of summer up at 10000ft (along with all the associated goodness: persistent mosquitoes, summer thunderstorms and the heavy tourist crowds)...


Thankfully, I had got my fill of the Sierras last year to last me a while. Early August, I had paid a visit to Yosemite to attempt the famous Mt Dana. However, I got to lazy and instead hiked elsewhere, venturing into the trailless backcountry of the High Sierra in Yosemite, which, I might add, was pretty spectacular.


On the day we arrived, we opted to do the Cloud's Rest hike, a famouse hike known for its airy views and severe vertigo, and for its quad-burning capabilities. Nevertheless, the view from the top was worth the hike. In fact, I spent quite a bit of time at the 9800ft summit shooting timelapses of clouds in motion (which you can view here.


But perhaps the best view was reserved when I turned around to head back. In front of me was the long narrow ridge of rocks, about a wide as a footpath in a few places with steep dropoffs on either side. The granite cliffs of Tenaya Canyon lay on the left while it sloped down to the Merced River canyon on the right. In front of me was the vast granite conglameration consisiting of many peaks, glacially smoothened domes, canyons, glittering lakes and so much more.


In the distance, a brewing thunderstorm with menacing promised torrential rainfall by the time I would get back (about 2.5 hours later), while behind me, bluebird skies lifted my confidence (of not getting showered on) tremondously.


All in all, a view of a lifetime. And to capture it, I shot a 5 image panorama at F13, ISO 400 and 1/250s (it was particularly windy then).


Here is my ode to the High Sierra of Yosemite. Do view it large.


Yosemite National Park



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Taken on August 7, 2010