Don't shoot me in the face.

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    1. lungstruck ages ago | reply

      This is by far one of my favorite Flickr photos!

    2. satanoid ages ago | reply

      Guess what, moron -
      Checked, double checked and triple checked. No bullets in the same room.

      I always practice firearms safety - and this was no different.

    3. dependent shoe [deleted] ages ago | reply

      You tell em satanoid.

      This is a funny photo though...I was thinking damn he must have really f'd up somewhere to have 5 guns at his head..haha

    4. brentdanley ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called GLOCK, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

      I love this picture. It would be a great addition to this discussion.

      Found in a search. (?)

    5. waiting mist [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Thank you for your post. You make some powerful, and unfortunately for the victims, tragic points. Many would argue that the photo is art, and I would have to agree. However, I think that the irreversible damage that is caused by improper handling of firearms argues for some self-censorship. The small burden placed on freedom of expression will be rightlfully outweighed by the social benefits of gun safety.

    6. brentdanley ages ago | reply

      Gun related tragedies wouldn't be eliminated if photographs depicting unsafe gun use were also eliminated. It's a false argument. Rules don't effect people who don't follow them. I suppose the only reason millions of adults in the United States smoke cigarettes is because they failed to read the warning label on the pack.'s probably more likely they just ignored the warning.

      There are no social benefits of censorship. Consider this photograph as a great example. There are many guns pictures on Flickr but this is the one that generated a discussion about gun safety. Even if it wasn't the point it is a benefit.

      Seen in my recent comments. (?)

    7. satanoid ages ago | reply

      Man, some people are just crazy anal.

      Guns empty, cocked, checked, cocked, checked, checked. Checked.

      You think I would let bullets in the same fucking ROOM as this?

      There were several gun afficianados (myself included) who are all sticklers for safety.

      Are you of the opinion that *DEPICTING* someone using a gun unsafely will get people killed? Honestly?

    8. waiting mist [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I respect your point of view. However, I would argue that there are certian social benefits to censorship. I would argue that anyone who advocates for the violent overthrow of a democratically elected government should be censored. it's called "hate speech" and it's not protected by the First Amendment. But perhaps that off the point here and best saved for another forum. Like it or not, people, especially impressionable ones, are influenced by what they see, hear and read. Most can tell the difference between reality and fantasy, fact and fiction, socially acceptable behavior vs. socailly unacceptable behavior, right and wrong, etc. Some cannot. And therein lies the rub.

      Your cigarette analogy is a bit attenuated. I can't remember the last time someone was killed by a cigarette that they thought was unloaded. And when was the last time there was a cigarette ad on television?

    9. brentdanley ages ago | reply

      You are correct. Not all speech is allowed under the first amendment or should be.

      It is neither mine nor the government's responsibility, however, to protect people from their own stupidity. This is a philosophical point of view and, therefore, can be neither correct or incorrect.

      Perhaps my analogy seemed too attenuated because you applied it too strictly. People who would shoot themselves attempting to reproduce this picture do not follow gun safety rules. Therefore, this photograph cannot be blamed for any unfortunate accident and, therefore, should not be removed from public viewing. Scapegoating deflects responsibility from where it belongs.


      Seen in my recent comments. (?)

    10. waiting mist [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Good call. Let's hope that everyone who handles a firearm in the future attemps to do so in a safe and sensible manner. BTW - I like the photo and don't think that it should be removed or censored. Besides its artistic value, this photo has created a lively discussion of different ideas; that's what makes art and democracy so great! And if I have not mentioned it, I love the Glock pool. It has given me much enjoyment!

    11. djthemacster ages ago | reply

      Nicely composed, and definitely pushes the envelope, but the fact that they are all pointed in an unsafe direction, AND their fingers are on the triggers makes me queasy. And yes, I am a firearms owner, and yes I have a CCW. I do not care how many times you triple checked, with that many guns and that many *non-trained* people handling them (i am assuming this because, most people who own firearms would NOT have participated in this picture), a disaster could occur.

    12. rigby1962 ages ago | reply

      Sorry but this photo is a disgrace, Whether the guns are unloaded is only material to YOU. To everyone else you are demonstrating poor judgment. I know the antis don’t need any motivation to purse their agenda but you have just given them ammo. Why would you want to do that? Just because we have free speech doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t keep our mouths shut at times.

    13. lenziggy ages ago | reply

      Gene pool needs some Clorine

    14. satanoid ages ago | reply

      Oh give me a goddamn break.

      If you think this photo is anything more than comical or inconsequential, you are way too freaking serious.

    15. brentdanley ages ago | reply

      I couldn't agree with you more. Some people apparently believe that it's the guns that kill people. I hope none of these people are gun owners. Nobody should be afraid of their gun.

      Plus (and it's a big plus), it's just a goddamn picture. Pictures certainly don't hurt anyone!

      I love the shot. Great expression. I also love that it creates a strong emotional response and some badly needed discussions.

      Seen in my recent comments. (?)

    16. itwuzcryptic ages ago | reply

      Great pic, even if I wouldn't want to be the model for it.

    17. majcher 120 months ago | reply

      Totally photoshopped.

    18. LyssaWrites 66 months ago | reply

      Thanks so much for sharing this photo via CC, we featured it on happiness website in an article about gun control: Radical Gun Control: Smile.

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