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    1. Lucie Bluebird-Lexington 13 months ago

      Whenever I hear someone say they want to blog to get free stuff, I just roll my eyes. Don't get me wrong, free stuff is great, and I am deeply appreciative of everything I am given. The designers put a lot of work and time and tears into their creations, and I am always honored to get included in receiving review copies. But I spend WAY more money as a blogger than I ever did before I blogged (just ask my poor husband). and I blog because I love to take pics, I love to create looks... and I am not a creator. It's a way to be creative that works for me. If I never got another review copy, I'd still blog.

    2. Five Latte @ 13 months ago

      In the 2+ years I have been blogging, i REALLY relate to your post Sassy.
      Some designers really don't have much respect for their bloggers evidently, when they close their bloggers group with the note "i don't need you guys" (Nice eh?). But on the general, most designers are awesome, and i love working for and with them!

      Also a note about blogging for free stuff...I think thats a sign of a bad blogger!! Like Lucie above, I spend waaaay more monthly than i am sent review copies. I love fashion and THAT'S why i am a fashion blogger! Not to get free stuff!!! I also agree with Lucie's comment about if she was never given another item to review, she would still be blogging....Totally agree!
      Love to all the bloggers and designers out there! Muahhh <333

    3. Sasy Scarborough ♥ 13 months ago

      thank you so much for sharing that, you are both lovely and I totally understand where you are coming from. In the olden days lol as I mentioned skins were never sent, and hair was also rare, so every single post to have new hair and skins and shoes were rare also, all those things were always paid for, and being sent items was earned through good blogging and being someone that showed real passion and respect for the items. xoxSasyxox

    4. Dita Actor 13 months ago

      Hello! I was quite intrigued and went to look and read your article which I found to be quite thorough and interesting. I started my blog in 2011 on the prodding of a good friend who thought I should share my weirdness with the rest of the world. I'm quite terrible with the providing links to items I have to admit but that's really not why I blog. Despite the fact that my blog is an old one, I still feel like quite an alien to what blogging is all about so thanks for the insight!

    5. Sasy Scarborough ♥ 13 months ago

      Dita I am so glad that this may have helped. I definitely feel that your blog is an art inspired blog, and that in that way crediting is an additional thing you can choose to provide, your work is fantastic, and I am sure if asked you would help anyone that wanted to know where something was from ♥

    6. Dita Actor 13 months ago

      Yes this is quite true and I'm never averse to telling anyone where I got this or that if I can remember (or if they still exist!) :-)

    7. Sasy Scarborough ♥ 13 months ago

      thank you so much Natsumi ♥

    8. MentalKaos Akina 13 months ago

      sasy i loved it i laughed I understood and I shared it on fb :) I think we all needed it to check egos at the door.

    9. Sasy Scarborough ♥ 13 months ago

      Thank you so much ♥

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