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I was up all night last night (literally, I went to sleep at 10 am) doing this. I really was in need of an artistic outlet. I feel like my whole life is the business-Tristan-business-Tristan-business-Tristan; my spare time is filled with keeping Andrew happy and trying to run the household. I can never keep up with everything! It makes me really tense sometimes.


This was inspired by a girl I used to know who I just found out has a kid, a two year old kid, as in, she managed to keep it so DL that I just found out. She was always the most perfect person I ever knew. It is blowing my mind that she has a baby, out of wedlock (I am assuming). I mean, as far as christians go (we both are), she made me look like a total douchebag in comparison (my opinion, not hers).


Anyway, having a surprise accidentally OH SH*T pregnancy myself, I was just thinking about how no pregnancy is a choice. You can try to get pregnant, or you can try not to, but the single act of conception that determines an entire life is never chosen by either party. I don't understand why God made it like that.


Also, when it happens, it totally knocks you on your ass.


square format/editing techniques inspired by Brooke Shaden: This chick blows my mind. Also she's a south eastern PA native :)


Strobist: sb 600 in reflector umbrella @ 1/2 camera left & high up, sb 800 in white shoot thru umbrella @ 1/1 (I think) camera right waist level

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Taken on June 13, 2011