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Day 77 - NaNoWriMo Day 16 | by Love.Sasha.Lynn
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Day 77 - NaNoWriMo Day 16

I have Celiac Disease.


I "accidentally" ingested gluten this week. I should have known better. Really. Eating something questionable is not an acceptable action. Still, that's what I did. And it was stupid. On top of all the stress and grief of this month my body had ZERO resilience to any kind of exposure.


First sign - that lovely fever blister. Immune system quickly takes that first step and then spins out of control. Dizzy. Fatigued. Nauseated. Has that foothold now. Kicks of a bout of recurring epstein barr- see those swollen glands under my chin that are vaguely froglike? Yes eppstein barr. Mono. I already had my annual round of that in May - so now I'm super irritated. Let's top that off with - now that your immune system has been completely taken down for the week what could a little conjunctivitis hurt?


If I sound bitter I'm just angry at myself. I love my life and I live it in relative freedom from illness as long as I watch what I eat. I've been introduced to so many new kinds of foods and flavors that there is really no need for me to ever go outside of that and eat something "questionable"... yet here I am.


My word count is at zero for yesterday. This photo is of me on the way to my doctors office so that they can be really vague about what I should do about anything except for the conjunctivitis which is an easy prescription of eye drops.


If you know someone with Celiac Disease please take them seriously. If you care about them don't ever suggest that they just try something. It isn't a matter of a little tummy ache or GI distress. This is a disease of the immune system. Read about it. If you don't know anyone now you will within the next 1 to 5 years. 1 in every 100 people has it and 97% of them are currently undiagnosed.


If you have CFS or IBS or have been feeling unwell for years and been accused of being a hypochondriac - the latter being my plight for fifteen years prior to diagnosis - please go to your doctor and ask them to be tested for Celiac Disease. If they seem uncomfortable with that I would urge them to explore the newest reserach on Celiac.


If you have Celiac Disease - don't take chances. Each exposure to gluten could be the one that leads to future neurological disorders or non-hodgkins lymphoma or lupus or any number of other conditions that have now been related to un-treated Celiac Disease.


Celiac Disease. Look it up. Remember it. It's huge. Then - take it seriously. One of the worst side effects to the treatment of Celiac Disease - maintaining a 100% gluten free diet - is social isolation. If you know someone with Celiac Disease the best thing that you can do is EVERYTHING THEY FEEL IS NECESSARY TO PROTECT THEIR HEALTH. Jump through the hoops. Encourage and praise them for making a giant fuss about everything that passes their lips. It's a big deal. Treat it like one. Hug them and feed them products that are marked gluten-free. Don't be upset if they don't feel comfortable eating dinner at your house.


Maybe this sounds like alot. Feel free to tell me you think so. But remember - if you care about this person at all and you don't want them to develop complications that could end up killing them in the long run - it's worth the trouble isn't it? Isn't it worth the fuss?


I'm really tired and I'm going back to bed now. I'll get my pic for today at some point and hopefully will have enough energy to work on my novel tonight. Please feel free to ask me questions. I can point in a hundred directions for answers I don't have. And hopefully I haven't pissed anyone else with Celiac off. We all have different takes and feelings on living with this disease. Too bad it took me getting sick to finally say something about it here. Or maybe it's good that I have presented the last 76 days of me living my normal life with it first. *shrugs*. Yeah. Laying back down now. Later...

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Taken on November 16, 2006