3D Immersive Virtual Reflections of a Digital COVID-19 Memorial
The Real to Virtual; Virtual to Real integration of 'United Memories'

My recent 3D immersive virtual world building project in Kitely highlights the digital COVID-19 memorial of reverence... 'United Memories (UM)'. The real life website was launched to bring the names, faces and stories of the diverse community of Black people who lost their lives to COVID-19 in the United States to the forefront. It gives family members, friends, coworkers and colleagues an opportunity to share photos and stories of those lost to COVID19.
The submission of related, visual art, music, and poetry is also encouraged.

The founder and CEO of Black Ladies in Public Health (BLiPH), Dr. Jasmine Ward conceived the idea to create a safe virtual space to memorialize Black victims of COVID-19. She recognized the urgent need for an innovative way to gather, grieve, and honor these Black lives that matter in this time of quarantine and social (physical) distancing. Thus, the birth of United Memories! Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Ward and other dynamic Black women from across the country who also serve as leaders in public health have been investing their time, talents and treasures to organize and mobilize the community in a collaborative effort to develop United Memories. I applaud the vision, work and commitment of Dr. Ward and everyone involved especially the “Truth-Tellers” for pouring this cultural libation into the world as a ritual of recognition, honor, and remembrance.

The overall purpose of the 3D immersive virtual world building project was to share information about this powerful digital memorial, Throughout the building process, I found myself reflecting on the profound loss within the African-American community. Indeed, we must Never forget those Black lives lost nor their collective contributions to the world. For me personally and professionally, the 3D immersive virtual world project serves as another way to grieve, reflect, and remember. As a BLiPH Truth-Teller, it was an honor to build this 3D Immersive Virtual Reflections of a United Memories in remembrance of my Black brothers and sisters who died due to COVID-19.

You are invited to visit the 3D immersive virtual world project located within VLTCC located in the OpenSimulator-generated grid, Kitely. You can learn more about the real life United Memories, or submit information about a honoree; share uplifting artwork (or poetry) and/or know of resources to assist in the grieving process, visit the website at UnitedMemories.com.

Virtual Project Builder:
3D Immersive Virtual World Evangelist:
Sally Cherry aka Sally S. Cherry, BS, MT(ASCP)
Website: VirtualNetworkWeaver.com
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