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July calendar | by sartak
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July calendar


Anki (black): did all my anki reviews

Cards (red): reviewed X new cards (excluding kanji) - basically new cards

Kanji (green): learned X new kanji using Heisig

Vocab (blue): added X new words (see

Read (orange): read a significant amount of text

Write (teal): wrote at least a tweet's worth

Shadow (purple): uhh didn't end up doing this one at all

Game (cyan): played a game in Japanese (primarily jNetHack, Breath of Fire, Scribblenauts)

Culture (pink): learned something about the culture (this one was too vague)

Day name (black): learned how to say that day of the month

Yojijukugo (red): learned a 4-character idiomatic saying

Yomi (green): deliberately learned a kanji reading specifically from

Kentei (orange): did at least two tests using the Kanken DS 3 Deluxe game



Tae Kim (black): learned some new grammar using

Movie (red): watched a movie with Japanese audio and no subtitles

Compose (green): wrote something longer than a tweet. Only one thing this month:

Karaoke (blue): learned some lyrics to a song

Content (orange): got ahold of new Japanese content (books, movies, music, games, etc)

Lesson (teal): had a lesson with one of my teachers

Script (purple): wrote some Perl to support my learning

Map (cyan): learned a prefecture of Japan or a special ward of Tokyo

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Taken on August 1, 2011