2012 March for Life
On January 23, 2012, approximately 500,000 people, mostly Roman Catholic, converged on the Mall in Washington, DC to rally and then march from there to the steps of the Supreme Court, to pray and to ask that Roe v. Wade - the decision that allows abortion to be legal in the Unicted States, be overturned.

There is never vast media coverage. The mainstream media that does mention it tries to say "several thousand" people show up, or that those that do are "mostly elderly." I am told the New York Times does not cover it at all. These pictures show that it is well-attended and - more importantly - largely attended by the YOUNG, those who call themselves "survivors" of Roe, because any one of them could have ended up in a surgical tray.

A disclaimer: I assembled these pictures both to report on the gathering and to show my own bias. So if you say, "Well, you show the pro-lifers in a positive light" - I do. I would add that the light seems to come from them, brimming with joy and warmth. In truth, except for a very small group of less than ten standing by the Metro station at Catholic University of America, I saw no other counter-protesters. Perhaps the cold and wet weather kept them away.

Please feel free to share the link to this set of photos to your churches, your synagogues, your mosques, youth groups, whoever wants to know the truth.

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Stephanie A. Richer
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