Weird Girls
27th of february I went to Grundarfjörður in west Iceland (Snæfellsnes) with a group named WEIRD GIRLS, which is a performance group created by Kitty Von Sometime. This was their 7th episode. It´s always a secret how they will look and what they will do, even they themselves don´t know anything about it untill they meet up. This time the costumers were made of very pink spandex and the mask had a huge eye. In former episodes they have done music videos ( Gus Gus and Emilia Torrini) but this time it was a photo session and a documentary-video which will be ready in may. There was a great fashion photographer who did the shots here but I was meant to shoot *Behind scenes photos* which I did. It was a marvellous day as you see here, the weather was awesome and it was a really great day. More here.... ....and Here

The Weird Girls of Reykjavík is a collective created by and headed by Kitty Von-Sometime.

The project evolves episode by episode and the Weird Girls mix between those involved from the beginning and the new members increasing with every event.

Each episode is planned for up to three months in advance with the girls themselves knowing as little as is possible. They know there will be a photo shoot, they are aware they will be filmed and they are aware of the day and night in question.

As much of the rest of the event is kept as quiet as possible except for a theme song which is given to them a week or two in advance and a request for measurements for the custom costumes.

Each episode produces media but the project focus is the event performance itself and how the girls themselves react and morph within costume. None of the girls are professional actresses or models and part of the inspiration was to get girls to step outside of themselves and gain confidence.
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