• For those of you who in live in France - this is a great organic red wine. And it is really cheap. We find it at our Franprix.
  • Oh and apparently it is made by monks. I need to confirm this though.
  • On bottle: Monastère de Solan. Vendange manuelle. Cuvée Saint Marcel. Cévennes. Bio.
  • I love this plate. - --Barbara--

Chocolate-Zucchini Cake

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Again, loved by the all. Especially when we make them guess the secret ingredient (which they can't) and then watch their reactions as they realize that the cake is filled with 3-4 zucchinis. So moist yet not too dense. And sooooo delicious. Absolutely no zucchini flavor (although that wouldn't be so bad).

Here is the recipe I follow with a few personal changes. These zucchinis were in our vegetable basket for last week and this week we got more. I think I'll be making this cake as much as I did last summer....which is a lot!

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  1. These Days in French Life 84 months ago | reply

    i will make this for sure!!! great shot of summer to come

  2. pasa~tiempo 84 months ago | reply

    ooohhh, that looks delish! I love zuccini bread so I'm sure I'll like this! btw, I'm in LOVE with that plate, and that wine label coordinates so well.. so much prettiness here. I will most definitely try this recipe!

  3. sadalit 84 months ago | reply

    I'm drooling over the cake and also over that gorgeous platter!

  4. -meredith- 84 months ago | reply

    I am going to make this for a birthday on wednesday.

  5. painted fish studio 84 months ago | reply

    i want this cake for lunch. thanks for sharing the recipe!

  6. sarahwoo 84 months ago | reply

    Thanks for your comments everyone! The platter is typical of pottery from Bulgaria. We have several pieces like this and we love them all.

    Here are some other flickr photos with Bulgarian pottery:

    And this is not exactly the same style but I think I love it too!:

  7. pasa~tiempo 84 months ago | reply

    Oooh, thanks for all those lovely examples. Now i really want some! I might be hard pressed to find bulgarian pottery in po-dunk wisconsin or that lovely bottle of wine for that matter :(.....

  8. sarahwoo 84 months ago | reply

    Well M - when I go to Bulgaria someday, I'll find something for you! :) My MIL went there last year and brought us back two mugs to add to our collection but they've both since broken! We were so sad!

    Although we still have this one from someone else:

    A coffee morning

  9. Three Sneaky Bugs 84 months ago | reply

    Mmmm.... That cake sounds delish! I love the platter too.

  10. (x)99. 83 months ago | reply

    i will definently be making this cake too !!!!! looks & sounds delish !
    please tell me your personal changes to the recipe since you've made it so many times !? :-)

  11. pasa~tiempo 83 months ago | reply

    oooh, I met have to hold you to that. So when are you going? =) They really are beautiful!

  12. sarahwoo 83 months ago | reply

    @xx99elledge - just saw your photos! yum yum! my personal changes to the recipe involve not adding the orange peel or the nuts and often I use whole wheat flour cause that's what we have on hand. also, i think i always add more zucchini than the recipe calls for.

    @MAOJ no plans to go soon...but definitely someday and will think of you when I go... :)

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