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89/365 - adventurers

wallah we're cute!!! awwww <3


today i went to the hospital in the morning, had a blood test, went to uni an hour late for my lab, finished my lab, got my week-old test results, had a minor heart attack, took the tram with my uni mate sophie and had a good old chat, went to latrobe, saw mohsi ilham and ahmad, bought subway, ate subway, saw sandi emna jenan and a few boys, went to therapy, bought a $3 red bull and candy, briefly saw nadene from afar, drove with mohsi and ahmad to deakin in burwood to see summy, had the funniest laugh in the car ride there, got to deakin, found free parking, went into the nursing building that looked like a hospital, disrupted many classes, walked to the orgy fountain lmao, found summy, went for a tour of their library, then we went to the other side of deakin past the creek, found adile, went back to the car, said bye to mohsi, took this picture all together, then took the tram down to the city, sat in the tram for about 40 minutes, talked a bit too loudly a random guy two seats away added his input into our conversation lmao it was pretty funny though, got to flinders, went to es teler an indonesian restaurant for dinner, i bouht nasi ulam (or something like that), omnomed it all, drank soy bean milk, enjoyed it, watched adile die of spicyness from the chilli, talked for a while longer, then went to mc, said goodbye to my lovelies, took my train down to heidelberg station, got off and went home.


kudos to you if you actually read that.

you've wasted a whole lotta time LOL.

it was actually a wonderful day.



taken on the wednesday 30th of march 2011 at 5.04pm with my nikon d60.


EDIT. i think i have dust on my lens. judging by the fog around summy and ahmad. they sooo looked photoshopped into this lolllll. mental note: start using the lens cap.


EDIT. lmao, my face is so funny in this.


EDIT. did i say funny? i totally meant retarded.

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Taken on March 30, 2011