GHost Hostings 12 - GHost-dance II
GHost presents the second in a new series of Hostings – 'GHost-dance' a night of cross-disciplinary performance, talks and song, exploring the idea of ghosts as cultural and political movement.
Central St Martins College of Arts and Design
Studio Theatre
Granary Square
(near Kings Cross over and underground stations)

Gen Doy, Song for the Deaf and Blind
Mitsu Salmon, Skating
Christian Weaver, Trillando en el cajón: mediating positive and negative forces in the realm of the dead through music and dance
Michelle Hannah, BLACKCAT
SaVAge K'Lub : Rosanna Raymond – Sistar S’pacific, Emine, Jo Walsh,
Dr Mark James Hamilton, SaVAge SEAnce: An Invitation to Activate Your Ancestry.
Installation by Jennie Fagerstrom
Supported by the Centre for Performance at CSM
and curated by GHost
Hostings 12: GHost-dance II
21st May 6.30 - 9.30
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