Demi Lovato and Sarah

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    The many looks of Demi Lovato over the years :) Demi and her family have always been so nice and gracious to me. Im looking forward to her documentary "Stay Strong" next month on MTV. Im hoping it can shed some light on the struggles she's been through in her life. And give all of us an idea on what we can do in the future to support her. I've always noticed with people in Hollywood, that who you hang with has a big effect on the person you become. I've known so many people over the years that are really awesome, and as their fame grows, so does the number of hangers-on and a lot of them will catch onto that, and a lot of them wont. And a lot of times it just shapes you into someone you dont want to be, but you just find your surroundings hard to get out of. It gets to the point where everyone wants a piece of you.
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    1. ~Teeh ✿' 38 months ago | reply

      You are the luckiest girl EVER! omg, sdfghjklç

    2. BelénSilva [deleted] 38 months ago | reply

      You're SO lucky, you've got a photo with everyone !!!!! how do you do that?

    3. jessika82 37 months ago | reply

      fgooshh you are so lucky !!! i love her so much <3 she is my everything

    4. AnnieMariex 37 months ago | reply

      Ahh Sarah, i know you proberly get everyone saying this, but i'm SO jelous of this. Demi's my idol, it would be a dream to meet her! Especially as we've both been through the same struggles in life. xx

    5. neiler1 35 months ago | reply

      Nice but isn't one photo with a person enough

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