and it came

"i'll never get used to the snow -- how slowly it comes down, how the world seems to slow down, how time slows, how age and sin and everything is buried. i don't mind the cold. the beauty is worth it."


- rick bass, 'winter notes'.


it snowed today. :)


go big or go home. press L.

  • Benjamin Postlewait 3y

    Ah! How beautiful is that? Snow is one of my very favorite things in life. There's such a beautiful softness and depth to this created by the flakes and the railing.

    My favorite thing is the silence - the muffling - that comes with a snowfall.
  • sally 3y

    It's a snow fairy!
  • Gary 3y

    this is fantastic!
  • wildorange55 3y

    thank you, everyone.
    Benjamin Postlewait same. i never grow tired of it. people complain about traveling in it, and being snowed in...gosh. being snowed in is the best. mostly because you're not expected to have to go anywhere or change out of your pajamas. :)
  • Davy Timmermans 3y

    sweet poetry
  • ezken29 3y

  • Scott Farrar - dsfdawg 3y

    What a cool shot!
  • PhotonShepherd 3y

    simply superb!! =)
  • jenn 3y

    mmm so pretty
  • Structure & Spontaneity by .K. 3y

    beautiful image!
    love the quote.
  • evelynnlouise 3y

    This is so awesome! I love how everything is the same color and the detail in the snowflakes.
  • nkadu 3y

    This is a beautiful picture, and I'm really tempted to get that book by Rick Bass now! I'm from Ghana myself, so there is something remarkably magical about snow. This will be my first winter with an SLR: my fingers will just have to forgive the cold :P
  • Arnaud Lahaut 3y

    Really like this, very cinematic! Niiice, I miss the snow now ;)))
  • Nicole Toohey 3y

    The tones are incredible. Such a lovely photo.
  • {no rest for the wicked} 3y

    Stunning work.
  • Stéphanie Graf-Vocat 3y

    What a fabulous atmosphere! How I miss snow, we haven't had much here (North of France)... I love it so much, everything is sublimed and feels timeless...
  • 'erre' 3y

  • jojonas~ 3y

    I really like the feel of your whole stream, I think I'll follow you~
  • Ricky Frank 3y

    oh my word
  • Shree's photography 2009 3y

    Great capture..
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